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Jul 25, 2006 12:54 PM

Trattoria Alba in Quincy

Tried this for the 1st time last night and had a very nice experience.
My husband & I shared a simple field green salad which was perfectly dressed with a Balsamic vinagrette. We then ordered 2 pizzas, tomato basil & fresh Mozzarella and the other a house made garlic sausage , roasted tomato sauce & carmelized onions. Both were excellent, crust was thin and cooked perfectly, toppings were ample in the just the right proportions. We thought from the price that each pie would serve one, but each one was enough for 2 people.

The house pinot grigio & chianti were very good....service was excellent. Definelty a must try when in Quincy. (we were lucky to get a parking space on the street but I understand there is also a free parking lot in the back).

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  1. Hi,

    Yes, I highly recommend Trattoria Alba for Italian food on the South Shore. No need to go to Hingham anymore for my fix :)

    By the way, in addition to a large parking lot in the back of Alba's building, there is a large parking garage directly behind the Quincy Fair building across the street (the building with the movie theater and the Little Q hotpot). The upper level of the garage has a skybridge to the building, and you can just walk through the lobby to Hancock St. and across to Alba.