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Jul 25, 2006 12:53 PM

How Are the Steak Tips at the Quiet Man in Southie?

Someone told me they rival Sadie's in Waltham, but I haven't heard any other feedback, pro or con, on The Quiet Man's steak tips.

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  1. They're wondrous. My friend had her wedding catered by the Quiet Man for their steak tips.

    Granted, that may be overdoing it-- but I still love them.

    1. I've only HEARD about them, I can't get past the feeling that the jukebox would scratch to a halt and all eyes would turn and wonder why the hell I was there when I walked in with my "yuppie" friends. I always want to go in there when I'm waiting for the #11, but just feel that it's inhospitable.

      But, from what I've HEARD, they are deeelicious.

      1. They are soft and flavorful. That said, I think you can get just as good in other places but not suffer fry-o-lator stench and dirty surroundings. I never understood the appeal of this place. I feel sticky in there and not in a good way.

        1. We did go last night, and while I felt that all eyes were upon us, the turkey tips were pretty amazing and the steak tips were even better.

          I'd go as far to say that the steak tips rival those at New Bridge in Chelsea and Cronin's in Quincy, but both of those places make me feel just a bit more comfortable than the Quiet Man did...

          1. I finally went there last year after hearing much about these tips. They were OK, but hardly the best. Perhaps a good option if one lives in Southie, but otherwise not worth the trip.