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Los Angeles for family with teenagers

Hi, We're leaving tomorrow (7-26) for a few days in LA, staying in Hollywood. My media savvy kids want to go to the Ivy for lunch. Since that is expensive, any other fun places to go(that aren't expensive)Hollywood, West Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, etc. I used to live in LA and went to Gladstone's and Canter's (good choices?)

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  1. Right across from the Ivy, there is Newsroom Cafe, which is yummy, healthy and definitely not as expensive as the Ivy. You can sit on the patio outside and prob have a peek at the people at the Ivy. They have great shakes and the food is pretty good.

    1. You might consider taking them to M Cafe (a few blocks over) or the Newsroom Cafe (across the street) or both. Both are much cheaper and have food that is as good, or better than the Ivy. Also, the eye candy/power component is the same or better. If you want to go somewhere expensive and tasty go to Spago for lunch. Don't waste your money on the Ivy.

      1. Obviously there is the well-publicized Pink's, on La Brea, with its lines and celebrity photos. For better dogs and burgers, in a converted train car, is Carney's, not too far away in West Hollywood. Both are good for teens. And if they haven't been, you gotta take them to an In'n'Out for a double-double.

        I wouldn't ordinarily recommend it, but if you are driving up the coast towards Malibu, Gladstone's is fun for teens. Right on the beach, LOTS of people at prime times, very informal, and big quantities of admittedly ok at best seafood. But it serves a purpose, parking is relatively easy, and it is much closer in so you won't get stuck in too much traffic.

        1. Take them up to the Getty for lunch. The dining room is pricey but there is a garden cafe as well.


          1. Canter's is only good if you're there for the late night scene. Otherwise, skip it.

            1. Well, I think that Roscoe's in Hollywood is a good place for teenagers. I ate there with all my teenage friends last night. It's the classic combo of chicken and waffles. However, it looks like your kids are into "star sightings" and things like that, which is unfortunate.


              1. You're right about the Ivy being a poor allocation of $$$$'s on teenagers; but if they're looking for Celeb's, then a "VERY" affordable alternative would be Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood (already mentioned) and you could prove it by the many Celeb autographed photos on the walls.


                My 18 year old nephew "choose" Benihana for his after high school graduation dinner. So for teenagers, it's probably a fun dinner, especially if they've never or rarely been before, and not too $$$y. There's one in Santa Monica right near the 3rd St. Promenade - which is also fun for teenagers.


                For some different upscale Hamburgers, there's 17 under "L.A.'s Best Hamburgers" at 26 Beach in Venice (not far from from Santa Monica). Priced $10 to $14. Just steer them away from the more $$$-ive sections.

                Click on Menu upper right hand corner.


                Gladstones - No good for food, convienent and easy for view of the Pacific. Better to drive up to Malibu Seafood for affordable food if time allows.


                For something completly different that's tasty, a good value, and good for groups:

                7077 Sunset Blvd.
                (323) 464-3663

                I bet your teenagers wouldn't have had that before.

                Getting back to The 3rd. St. Promenade in Santa Monica for something exotic from the East - Monsoon Cafe.


                Exotic Mexican for a teenager, actually "Oaxacan" cuisine, and every dish is under $10 except for the Salmon at $10.99 (unless they've raised prices recently):

                Monte Alban
                11927 Santa Monica Blvd.
                West L.A.
                (310) 444-7736

                1. Tell your MEdia Saavy kids that the Ivy is all hype and crappy food. Not worth the $$ to see the stars that MIGHT be there.

                  I would take them to a moroccan feast at Moun of Tunis..lots of fun, and bellydancers on certian nights. Lounge on a couch and eat moroccan finger food.


                  On Melrose in West Hollywood, you could take them to a bunch of fun palces. Elixir serves nifty teas out in a cool outdoor patio. Across the street, the Urth cafe is packed with nifty types, maybe a star or two.



                  Farther West on melrose is Angeli caffe,, owned by the host of KCRW's "Good food". Great food, a good price. Also, every Thrusday she has a pre fixe "family style" dinner...really fun.


                  Up the 1, you can cruise along the beach and go to Neptune's net. A nice sort of seafood shack, the real draw is the tons of bikers on the weekend.

                  42505 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265-2221

                  Another biker hang out in Malibu is The Rock Store..known regulars include Our Own Gov'nerator, Arnie.


                  I have seen the likes of Jack Black and John Voight in Studio City, especially at Art's Deli. Big sandwiches,too.

                  12224 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604-2518

                  Truthfully, more celebrity sightings happen at grocery stores in West Hollywood, pacific Palisades, Encino, Sherman Oaks and so on. I have seen more celebrities at Gelson's in these areas than at any restaurant.

                  1. I second Moun of Tunis. A wonderful experience, eat with fingers with a huge towel on your lap.

                    We like the Morrocan feast. At $28 a bit pricey but it's 1-1/2 to 2 hours of eating pleasure. We like the lemon Chicken. Whole and tear apart with bare hands.

                    Gread Bread abounds to use as a scooper.

                    Just plain fun. My 5 year old Granddaughter loved it, especially the belly dancer. All in good taste. Get a reservation when the dancer will perform. Her favorite dish is the B'stilla, a chicked dish in filo dough with powdered sugar and cinnamin topping. We brought candles because it was her birthday. She is now 7 (WOW!) and we have been several times.

                    Don't worry about picky eaters. I have a cousin that is the poster boy for picky and he loved everything.

                    1. I second the Pinks reco. In fact when my teenage nephews were here from out of town, they loved everything at Pinks (tip: arrive between 11:30 and 11:45 AM to avoid the lunch time rush and long wait).
                      Meanwhile, the kids also loved In and Out Burgers (Hollywood location and others all over CA).