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Jul 25, 2006 12:39 PM

Los Angeles for family with teenagers

Hi, We're leaving tomorrow (7-26) for a few days in LA, staying in Hollywood. My media savvy kids want to go to the Ivy for lunch. Since that is expensive, any other fun places to go(that aren't expensive)Hollywood, West Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, etc. I used to live in LA and went to Gladstone's and Canter's (good choices?)

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  1. Right across from the Ivy, there is Newsroom Cafe, which is yummy, healthy and definitely not as expensive as the Ivy. You can sit on the patio outside and prob have a peek at the people at the Ivy. They have great shakes and the food is pretty good.

    1. You might consider taking them to M Cafe (a few blocks over) or the Newsroom Cafe (across the street) or both. Both are much cheaper and have food that is as good, or better than the Ivy. Also, the eye candy/power component is the same or better. If you want to go somewhere expensive and tasty go to Spago for lunch. Don't waste your money on the Ivy.

      1. Obviously there is the well-publicized Pink's, on La Brea, with its lines and celebrity photos. For better dogs and burgers, in a converted train car, is Carney's, not too far away in West Hollywood. Both are good for teens. And if they haven't been, you gotta take them to an In'n'Out for a double-double.

        I wouldn't ordinarily recommend it, but if you are driving up the coast towards Malibu, Gladstone's is fun for teens. Right on the beach, LOTS of people at prime times, very informal, and big quantities of admittedly ok at best seafood. But it serves a purpose, parking is relatively easy, and it is much closer in so you won't get stuck in too much traffic.

        1. Take them up to the Getty for lunch. The dining room is pricey but there is a garden cafe as well.

          1. Canter's is only good if you're there for the late night scene. Otherwise, skip it.