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Jul 25, 2006 12:39 PM

Sandrine's anniv. specials

As you may know, Sandrine's is having a different $10 special every month to celebrate their 10 years in business. We went earlier this year for the flammekuche w/ glass of wine and checked it out again on Fri. for the cheese plate w/ wine. I'm not a huge cheesehead but these were excellent. A roquefurt, a gruyere type cheese but stronger and a goat type cheese maybe. Served with some fig, a bit of fruit, great grilled raisin bread, and the normal bread basket, with a tiny glass of sauvignon blanc or red that I can't remember. We also split the traditional flammekuche (bacon and caramelized onions) and could watch them being made from our seats at the bar. The woman overheard us talking about football and joined in cuz my friend likes the Steelers and she's from outside Pittsburgh. We started talking and reaped the benefits from a wrong order, so got a mistake of a flammekuche w/ mushrooms and onions. I asked if the flammekuchen were her raison d'etre and she said she was the pastry chef and stuck making those. When my friend ordered dessert, I noticed on the menu that the pastry chef was Lee Napoli who I feel like I know after reading about her so much, so it was cool talking to her. Will look forward to their specials in the months ahead.

Stopped by Louie's ice cream on my way back from the beach yesterday and will recommend it yet again. I'm like a broken record about this place, but they have a ton of flavors, huge cones (I had to have him change it to a kiddie cone cuz the small was too much in general and esp. on a hot day when it'd melt so fast) and great prices. The grapenut felt like the best I'd ever had. They also have soft serve and Italian ice. It's on Broadway right by McGrath Hwy, by all the gas stations with gas for only $2.95.

I noticed a newish Brazilian place across the street, Pastelria or something like that.

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  1. I also like Louie's and its weird, a lot of times it seems so deserted. If they could be on the other side near Foss Pk and the pool, I think they would be mobbed.

    The Pastelaria Broadway (and Chang Express, which despite the name is Brazilian) have been in that location for years. They have the same ownership as International Market in Union, which gets deliveries of salgados from the Pastelaria several times a day. The salgadinhos there are huge and fresh, and they offer "lanches" (x-tudo, etc) and juices. First thing in the morning its mobbed because its a common place to pick up workers, but its a lot more calm at lunchtime on Saturday. I posted a bit about it before:

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      Weird, I've been going to Louie's for a few years now and never noticed a food place directly across the street. Maybe I was too taken with the Italian pastry shop and the mini sfoglietelle.

    2. Anybody know the hours at Louie's? If the Someday closes I'll need a new destination for evening ice cream strolls.

      1. My daughter and I stopped at Louie's in early June and although the ice cream was fine, I must say that I was extremely put off by the, uh, pace of the service.

        There were two people in front of us, they ordered a total of 3 ice creams, and it took almost 10 minutes for us to make it to the service window. The guy doing the scooping was messing around so long that we almost walked.

        1. Where exactly is Louie's? I've tried google-mapping it every which way I can think of.


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            South Side of Broadway in East Somerville right at the Intersection of McGrath (28). If you are headed North on McGrath, turn right and its immediately on the left with a pastel-colored awning. Just before the Taco Bell and as Joanie said, by the $2.95 gas (and before the Stop & Shop or where Somerville lumber was again assuming northward trajectory).