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Jul 25, 2006 12:25 PM

Hampton Beach eats

Had Mon. off and took advantage of the weather by hitting Hampton Beach. On the way up, stopped for a single blueberry pancake at Pat's Diner in Salisbury MA which was a little pale but pretty tasty and more packed with blueberries than it seemed. Happy with just butter, a little fake maple syrup on the side. $2 something. Then after walking down the boardwalk at Hampton, tried a Blink's "fry doe" that I'd seen mentioned on Phantom Gourmet. Maybe I would have liked it better if I'd had one of the many crazy flavors added to it, but I like my fried dough with nothing but the grease from cooking. This was just okay and seemed smaller than usual (then again, I paid $3.25 as opposed to $5 at the Brockton Fair). After time at the beach and more walking, ended up at the bar at Le Bec Rouge who won best lobster roll at last year's seafood festival (happening Sept. 8-10 this year). For only $10.91, I got a nicely buttered and grilled hot dog bun stuffed with lobster, with a tad too much celery and lettuce and choice of side (fries, rings, sweet potato fries or waffle fries). Lobster was good altho could have been a little more flavorful somehow. SP Fries were okay. Zoolander was on TV, not a bad lunch at all.

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  1. We have tried so many times to hang out on the upper deck at Le Bec Rouge, but they always flub the service or its too crowded... one time they gave a pregnant woman in our party a hard time thinking she was underage drinking -- she was drinking a water and wasn't underage. For pretty lousy food, but decent service, we often end up at the Purple Urchin where they are good about letting you stay a while, having people come and go, etc. No sun, but further south there is another bar/restaurant with a deck that is a bit more welcoming. And there is a pizzaria/bar which is also very accomodating and pretty good.

    Last year I had the best vanilla ice cream next to the Pizzaria/Bar. The stand had a display of fruit salad, so after tasting the ice cream a friend of mine asked them to combine the two which they did dirt cheap.... from there on, everybody on the boardwalk that passed was like "hey, could I get a fruit salad with ice cream..."

    1. I was gonna eat on the deck at Le Bec Rouge but they had some dude on guitar and I don't like music with my food, so I stayed in the dark pub area. The girl working there was very sweet.