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Jul 25, 2006 12:19 PM

Lunch in Provincetown

We are taking a day trip and want to walk around Provincetown and eat a casual but wonderful lunch. We will be 2 adults with a 16 year old charming grand daughter. All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Dunno if Cafe Edwige does lunch but you might check it out. It's not really "casual" but somehow it is... not stuffy. Definitely "wonderful". If they don't serve lunch I bet they can direct you to the right spot.

    Cafe Edwige
    333 Commercial St
    Provincetown MA
    (508) 487-2008

    1. I would suggest Ross' Grill on the second floor of the Whaler's Wharf arcade. You will have lovely food and a nice view of the harbor.

      Ross' Grill
      237 Commercial St
      Provincetown MA
      (508) 487-8878

      1. Also check out Cafe Heaven and Bistro at Crown Point. Unfortunately, many of the nicer restaurants aren't open for lunch.

        1. You can't miss a stop @ Clem and Ursies...a little off the beaten track in P-Town. But the best experience you will ever have! Lobsters cooked to order.....freshly made fried belly clams, onion rings, chowder....raw bar....sushi....
          the list goes on and on!

          Here is the link!


          1. We had a great lunch at The Lobster Pot. Best clam chowder I have had. My wife had a killer lobster roll and I had crab slad which was excellent. All fresh. Service was great. Place was clean. My kids loved it . My in-laws liked it too