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Jul 25, 2006 11:47 AM

I'm noticing shrinkage lately

First it was Hellman's mayo, their quart (32 oz) jars became 30 oz. Last week I bought some Smithfield bacon, on sale but not unusually cheap, and found it to be only 12 oz instead of a pound! Buyer beware.

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  1. I noticed the smaller size on the Hellmans. too. I bought the 30 ounce jar at a Shaws in the boston area, and it was $3.49! TIme to go to BJ's, I guess. Will have to note next time I buy Smithfields bacon.

    1. Just a guess here, but it might have been a decision to either raise the price on the 32 oz. jar, or reduce the amount and keep the price the same.

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      1. re: Infomaniac

        I dunno - doesn't it cost them money to change the jar size (new mold & other factory costs) and label? They must have assumed there was a net benefit to shrinkage vs. increasing the cost.

        1. re: julesrules

          true, but it wouldn't take very long to recover any cost amortized over hundreds of thousands of jars, especially if they already have an exsisting mold.

          1. re: julesrules

            Kinda. Most often they buy the jars from the another company and just change the specs. They do have to print new labels though and adjust machinery. But labels are insanely cheap and demand planning allows them only to keep a 'perfect' amount on hand and modern machinery is very adjustable.

            Nevertheless, these changes are always a bit of angst for manufacturers (These changes do take months to plan) But I always say, you want to know the future, don't go to a gypsy, talk to a person in manufacturing...


        2. If you have a Grocery Outlet store near you, maybe you can catch the $2.29 for 20 ounces of Smithfield bacon.

          1. This is nothing new. Coffee producers have done it for years. No more 1 lb. pacakages or tins of coffee. If you want a lb. you have to go to somewhere who has bulk coffee. I used to order from Green Mountain and the last time I called in an order and ordered 2 lbs. they sent me 2 pre packaged 12 oz bags. I sent it back with a note explaining that it was not what I ordered, I specifically told the person I wanted 2 lbs and they would no longer be getting my business.

            What I really dislike about Hellman's new packaging is the plastic jar. I really hate that jar.

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            1. re: Candy

              At first I hated the plastic jar, then I realized it's perfect for freezing soup.

              1. re: Candy

                Those plastic squeeze containers for mayonnaise are an abomination, in my opinion. (Though they ARE handy if you are on a picnic, that much I will admit.) You cannot scrape out all of the mayo from within because the mouth is so small, for one thing! If you're frugal, that's maddening. Plus, the smaller size for the same price makes it even more frustrating. Reminds me of my other huge pet peeve, ultra-bleach, another total rip-off...isn't bleach itself pretty "ultra" and toxic? I used to be able to buy the store brand gallon for 99 cents but now most of the supermarkets here in SW FL only sell the ultra bleach for over $2.00.

                1. re: Candy

                  I thought hated the plastic jar, too, but quickly realized I was just being an old poop after I felt how much lighter and more manageable it was than the glass ones. Recycling plastic jars is also a heck of a lot easier.

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    I used to hate the plastic jar too, until I dropped a full jar on the floor and it just bounced. I thought to myself, if that was glass, i'd have an awful mess to clean up.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      I dropped a plastic bottle of catsup when removing it from the fridge. I cannnot begin to tell you how long it took me (days) to clean up that mess. The bottle exploded and there was catsup in more places than you can begin to imagine

                2. Why did I expect to see George Constanza's name on that post.

                  Oh, THAT shrinkage. I think Andy Rooney (the answer to "You know who really irritates me?") beat that horse to death long ago.