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great italian food

Great authentic italian food in south medford--BOCELLI'S

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  1. Can you please give some more details? Am always looking to try new restaurants in the area. Thanks.

    1. Hey Macca davides restaurant on commercial st. in the north end! this place awsome food and great atmosphere and excellent service--5 stars!! check it out!!

      Frankie Imbergamo

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        For bocelli's in south medford--the food is excellent!!
        a must try!!

        Frankie Imbergamo

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          davides is more of an upscale italian restaurant--i always get their veal chp stuffed with prosciutto and fontina cheese
          it is awsome!! they have a full liquor license--they make their cesear salad at your table--it is excellent--enjoy this place

        2. Frankie, when touting your favs, Macca & I need details, e.g. Northern vs. Southern, noted for gnocchi, risotto, arancinis, seafood, antipasto, veal, etc. & descriptions of some of Bocelli's signature dishes? Portion sizes? Full liquor or w & b? What wines? Prices? Parking? TIA.

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            Exactly! YOu put it very well. I did not respond to the last post, as I was afraid to come off as snarky. But you are right, saying the food is excellent really does not give me a good idea of what to expect.

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              bocelli's is know for traditional italian food seafood dishes with pasta, fruti di mare etc. they also have haddock dishes, pork chope with vinegar peppers, lamb chops, chicken parm gnocchi etc. alot of veal dishes and pizza they have a full liquor license--great martini's and a good wine list.

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                Thanks for the details! SOunds great-love pork chops with vinegar peppers. Will have to give it a t ry.

            2. Grazie molto! This is what we're looking for. Can you comment on average wine price ranges by glass & bottle? Do they have mainly Italian wines?

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                they have mostly Italian wines ranging from 6-9 dollars by the glass. their bottles of chianti, merlot range from 20 dollars and above. They do have some expensive italian wines like a brunello or barolo as well!! 30's and 40's a bottle.
                enjoy Bocelli's

                Frankie Imbergamo

              2. For those of you who are going out for restautant week--here are some restaurants that are worth trying.

                1. 75 Chestnut st--beacon hill
                2. Davio;s on arlington and columbus ave Boston
                3. Great bay in Kenmore sqare
                4. Via Matta in park square.
                5. Taranta--hanover st-north end
                6. Prezza--fleet at. north end

                if anyone wants more please let me know.

                Frankie Imbergamo

                1. Frankie, these are good suggestions, but should be posted under the a "Restaurant Week" query, instead of your OP "Great Italian Food" post. I'm not trying to be bossy, just want you to put your posts where they'll be most useful to the rest of us.

                  1. Bocelli's is one of several good Italian restaurants in Medford. I also like Giuseppe's, Il Faro, Avellino's...haven't been to Pasta Lina yet, but someone told me it's the best in Medford.

                    I do miss the old D'Pasquale's, though. Bocelli's may have food that equals or betters D'Pasquale's, but I have lots of sentimental memories of making the trip with my parents to South Medford as a kid and ordering some pizzas downstairs (pizza was not on the menu, but they made them anyways).

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                      Bocelli's is much better than the old DEpasquale's the owner nicky has done alot of work remodeling the place--downstairs has all tables rather than the old booths--the chefs are much
                      better as well as the food--they even make better pizza!!
                      Frankie Imbergamo