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Jul 25, 2006 10:22 AM


Any ideas as I'll be going there on business in 2 weeks? Thanks...

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    Maghain Aboth Synagogue stocks various food items including fresh kosher chickens slaughtered once weekly.
    Kosher fresh poultry, meat products, wines and other products are available at the small grocery shop located in the compound of the Synagogue at 24, Waterloo St. (for opening hours see below). Kosher meals are available on Shabbat and holidays.
    For further information, stock situation, orders, etc please contact the JWB at Tel: 6337 2189 during office hours (9.00 am to 5.00 pm). Prices are subjected to change.
    We also cater for functions such as Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Brit Milah or any other Jewish event.
    Kosher shop opening hours:
    10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
    15:00 p.m. - 17:00 p.m.

    Places where some Kosher Items may be found

    Tanglin Mall supermarket:
    Located on the junction of Tanglin Road and Napier Road

    Cold storage supermarkets:
    This is a chain of supermarkets with many outlets in Singapore

    Ntuc fairprice:
    This is the biggest chain of supermarkets in Singapore with many kosher items on sale.

    Jason’s supermarket:
    Located at Orchard Towers on Orchard Road

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    1. re: chai18

      Does you have an update on Kosher food and/or restaurants located in Singapore?

      1. re: stevebraun

        The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the corner of Bras Basah and Waterloo is kosher. Most items are chalav yisrael, but the cheese cakes are not, so if in doubt ask. The spicy tuna linguini is very good.

        Also, if you go to shul in the morning (starts at 7:30), they serve quite a good breakfast afterwards.

        As of the end of April, that was it. There is a community centre being built next door to the shul on Waterloo St, which will contain a kosher restaurant. Last I heard the major construction was finished, but I don't know when it will open.

        PS: The staff at the Long Bar at the Raffles are quite happy to show you any bottle you ask to see, and to mix you a modified Singapore Sling at your direction. The only real non-kosher ingredient is Benedictine, which they will leave out at your request; the brand of Grenadine they use doesn't have a hechsher on the bottle, and I didn't recognise it (and have since forgotten its name), so I asked them to leave it out too, but chances are very good that it was kosher.

        PPS: The information on is several years out of date. The person who used to maintain it left, and didn't tell anyone how to access it.

    2. Any update to Singapore? I'mmbe going there in a few weeks on business.


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          It's only a grocery store with minimal food. I'm looking for either a restaurant or meal delivery. Is Coffee Bean still kosher?

          1. re: wallstbnkr

            Yes, and there is also a meat restaurant called Awalfi in the Ballas building, next door to Magen Aboth. I was disappointed that the menu was more Israeli and American-Kosher-Chinese than Singaporean; I can get a shnitzel anywhere, but I wanted to try something reflecting the local cuisine. That aside, the food was good.

            Awalfi is also open in the mornings for a buffet breakfast, which is dairy. (This has replaced the free breakfast that used to be served after shul every morning...)

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          As of last November the Coffee Bean mentioned above on the corner of Bras Basah and Waterloo is still there and kosher. The community building is now complete and has a meat restaurant. They also host Shabbat meals which you can reserve in advance. The menu is middle eastern and Chinese. I preferred the Chinese items, but if you're there for a while you will probably end up trying most of the menu. The chef was Indian and some of the best dishes served were the Indian dishes prepared for Shabbat. Unfortunately, there are no Indian dishes on the regular menu.

          Outside of that, there isn't much with hashgacha. I found some products in supermarkets. Mostly American brands. If you will eat vegetarian, you can find a lot of vegetarian restaurants because of all the vegetarian Hindus and Buddhists.