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Jul 25, 2006 09:14 AM

I wanna read Chowhound, not your Blog!

More and more I see an introductory statement about food or restaurants, followed by "see my Blog at...". I don't want to read someone's blog; I thought the purpose of Chowhound was to inform us, not to act as a feed point for other sites. I would appreciate your feedback on this. TIA

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  1. This post caught my eye bec. I often link to my own blog when posting. And I wondered when this was gonna come up on the boards. I can see the OP's point - why should a blogger be allowed to use CH to pump up his or her visit numbers (or to 'advertise' on CH for free??

    OTOH, what's the difference, really, between saying 'see this blog that's NOT my own for more info on X' and 'see my own blog for more info on X', if my own blog is as, or more, useful than the other? Further to that, what's the difference betw "I posted extensively on that last year, do a search of CH's Greater Asia board" and "I wrote about that extensively on my blog, see X"?

    I put alot of time into my blog, and I'm not doing it for glory or money; I don't advertise. If I spend 1 1/2 hours on a post about, say, two great places for khanom jeen in Bangkok, why would I spend another half hour basically rehashing the post on CH? Going back through my stacks of notebooks to find the address, tel number, hours, etc. (or searching my own blog for the info), so I can include that in my CH post, also takes a fair bit of time. My blog is extensively illustrated ... would the OP consider it OK to link to a photo but not to the blog post?

    I'm not trying to be argumentative, and I'll be interested to see how others respond to this post. I was a fairly prolific poster on the board's Int'l section (Asia) before I started blogging. I'm posting more lately, again, bec. I want to spread the word abt places in Asia (and foods in Asia) I've come to love that are, IMO, under-Chowhounded.

    But the bottom line is, I don't have all the time in the world to write about food (wish I did!). So if CH were to adopt a policy that said linking blogs was a no-no I probably wouldn't respond to any queries about anything I'd already put the effort into on my blog. Or at least my response would be limited to eatery name, location, and five words about the food.

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    1. re: foodfirst

      I can't speak for anyone else, but, if you're just linking to your blog, even if it's informative or entertaining, you're not taking advantage of the interactive element of Chowhound. This is a discussion forum, not a pulpit. Chowhounds typically post questions or commentary about something very specific. Not just about the best place for sweet potato fries in San Francisco, but the best place for sweet potato fries near the DeYoung Museum, ...or that is child friendly, ...or that has a great wine list. And so on. Usually when someone responds to that kind of post with, "check out my blog" because you once ate sweet potato fries in San Francisco it's not a response that's been tailored to the question or that invites discussion.

      Also, people's blogs are often written for an audience that is broader than the chowhound audience. They usually aren't as focused on the deliciousness of chow.

      I don't find it disruptive if someone answers a post and then says, "Check out additional discussion on my blog," but I appreciate it if you'd at least answer the question on the CH forum. That way, those of us who don't wish to exit the forum to read your opinion can continue the discussion.

      Post the link to your blog in your profile. If I find you to be someone whose opinion I value, I'll eventually get around to clicking on your profile and checking out your blog.

      And if you're making a new post about an experience you've had that you want to share with the community, take an extra second or two to cut and paste just the relevant text from your blog into your "new CH topic", edit out anything un-chowish, add in anything else that might make it more chowish, and, at the end of your post, say, "More information on my full experience can be found on my blog at _____."


      1. re: foodfirst

        Also, it occurs to me, nothing in your blog is going to appear in a search on Chowhound, so, you're not necessarily adding to the catalog of chow.


      2. Chowhound does not prohibit linking your food blog, or someone else's food blog, to your post, as long as your post contains the pertinent chow information itself, and would stand alone without the link. What it does prohibit are posts whose main purpose is to steer readers to your blog. If you see posts that violate this rule, by all means report them to us.