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Jul 25, 2006 06:09 AM

Authentic Chinese banquet with better ambience in the Peninsula/ South Bay?

Has anyone had the banquet menu at Tai Pan in Palo Alto?
I am trying to find a location for authentic/ high end Chinese food for my dad's 80th birthday party. Unfortunately many of the Chinese Restaurants in the area are a bit low on decor. I think Koi Palace is best in food, but when I went there on Sunday to check out the place, it was a zoo even on Sunday night. Private rooms require minimum 40 people at Koi... so I thought maybe Tai Pan... I also heard a new "nicer" Chinese restaurant opened in Milpitas. Anyone know what establishment that might be? It may default to Mayflower in Milpitas Square. Any comments?

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  1. Ming's in Palo Alto? it's been a couple of years since I went to a wedding banquet there. their website said private rooms were available.

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      I've had several votes on Ming's... though I wonder about their "authenticity?" It's good to know you've had a good experience there.

    2. i also suggest ming's.

      mayflower has a private room, you may also wnat to check out dynasty in vallco mall/cupertino.

      do you prefer a more mainstream chinese meal or a taste more suited to canton?

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        Here's Stanfordfoodie's post on a wedding banquet at Dynasty in Cupertino.

      2. Hong Kong Flower Lounge is in Millbrae. It does have private rooms and areas for a party, but I haven't been there in ages. There is a new place in Millbrae called Zen Peninsula and it has a very nice room with semi-private alcoves. I love the cha su goh (cha su wrapped in flaky pastry with a delicious glaze on top) and they used to have portuguese egg tarts (like dahn tot but browned on top) that were so tasty for dim sum. Joy Luck in San Mateo is pretty nice inside, it's decorated with colorful, child-like Chinese folk paintings, their dim sum is pretty good. Koi Palace does have the best dim sum, and I agree about the zoo, it's hard to enjoy the food but it kinda has the authentic "in China" feel.

        1. I'll have to check out Zen Penninsula. Haven't heard of it. Thanks!

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            Here's a link to my recent post on dinner at Zen Pen.


            Another place you might want to check out in Millbrae is The Kitchen, which took over Seafood Harbor's space.

          2. I've been Koi Palace on a Sunday night, and it was pretty subdued the one time I did. I think it was during school season, though. When is the event?