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Jul 25, 2006 05:22 AM

Venice for the Less Adventurous Chowhound

We will be visiting Venice for 3 nights at the beginning of August.
I love to eat, but as a Chowhound I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not as adventurous as I might be. This lack of adventure lies mostly in seafood. Fish- fine, prawns- fine, lobster and crab- love them, but no clams or squid or anything more "interesting". Couple this with an allergy to mushrooms and eggplant (both of which I love) and it can complicate things.
Does anyone have suggestions for wonderful places to eat of all kinds that might allow for these "quirks"?
Thanks to all!

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  1. Two of our favorits would probably fit the bill.

    Osteria Giorgione, Cannaregio, calle dei Proverbi, tel 041 522 1725 (near but not part of hotel of same name). A small establishment with wonderful grilled whole branzino (local sea bass).

    Vini di Gigio, Cannaregio near Ca D’Oro on fondamente San Felice, tel 041 5285 140. Recommended often on this board and deservedly so. Very bright, lively flavors, nice variety of choices. Reservations essential.

    FWIW, I am allergic to shellfish and it's not that hard to eat around the allergy. You can specify no mushrooms (funghi) or eggplant (melanzano, if memory serves).

    Please report back on your trip!

    1. Vini da Gigio is fantastic, probably the best meals I had in a five-week stay in Venice. Also try A la Vecia Cavana in Cannareggio, which has a good variety of meat and fish dishes. Two excellent Dorsoduro restaurants that serve only meat (no fish) are La Bitta and Ai Gondolieri (the name of the latter sounds touristy, but in fact this is a very classy place!).

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        Indeed, we have always found Ai Gondolieri to be superb but it has gotten very pricey. Fantastic meat meals, though, no question about it. (It's behind the Peggy Guggenheim, tel 041-5286396,

      2. we went to Al Giardinetto for dinner... loved the gorgonzola gnocchi all other gnocchi on our trip compared to these.

        1. La Zucca in Dorsoduro has a wonderful selection of vegetable contorni.

          Just never order a "misti" antipasto in Venice; that's asking for a plate of tentacled horrors.

          Mmmm.... tentacled horrors....