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Great Philly BYOB?

Making an unfortunately rare visit to Philly from NY in August and hoping to enjoy some of what I hear are the city's awesome BYOBs. Price not a factor; cuisine options open but looking for more New American/French or Italian food. To be clear, I am referring to a "true" BYOB (with no corkage fee and preferably no liquor license) as opposed to somewhere that lets you BYOB but charges corkage.

Thanks a lot for your input!

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  1. Pif, in South Philadelphia, is a wonderful French byob. If you do a search here, you will find many recommendations for byob's.

    1. Matyson is my favorite of many wonderful BYOBs. Matyson is New American. The food is always creative and well-prepared. The deserts are fantastic too! (Chef's wife is the pastry chef.)


      1. Nan is great Indian fusion in University City (40th & Chestnut). Nearby 'wine and spirits' store at 41st & Market.

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          Nan is not Indian Fusion -- it is Thai with some French influence.

        2. Matyson. IMHO the best and certainly our fav place in Philly. Don't skip dessert.

          1. I tried one recently that I enjoyed, Audrey Claire (Rittenhouse Square area):


            I haven't seen it mentioned much here on Chowhound; would be interested to hear how it compares (I've not been to many).

            Walking distance from Capogiro's = yummy dessert!

            1. There is a great web site byophilly.com that lists hundreds of choices.

              1. Trio in Fairmount is great. It's on Brown Street btwn 26th & 27th.

                1. Favorites would be Matyson and Django. We also like Caffe Casta Diva and Branzino. Marigold Kitchen good but kind of pricy for a BYOB. Radicchio and some other favorites don't take reervations.

                  We found Trio disappointing. Same sauce in several entrees. Wouldn't go back.
                  Audrey Claire is popular as a neighborhood place, but we thought it ordinary.

                  If you want to venture to South Philly, Tre Scalini, August and L'Angolo are all very good.

                  All BYOB, all take reservations.

                  1. My current faves are Bistro 7 (old city) and Matyson. If you're looking for a great BYOB in an interesting neighborhood, Bistro 7 is your choice. You can wander up and down 3d Street looking at the galleries, and then have dinner.

                    Susan H

                    1. I am partial to Melograno (Italian at 22nd and locust I think?) and Dmitri's (Mediterranean, with a focus on seafood, 3rd and Catherine -- Queens Village).

                      1. Matyson or for a venture into West Philly, Marigold Kitchen.

                        1. L'Angolo for italian - deep south phila - feels like you are in italy when inside this small restaurant

                          matyson for new american - center city - great food

                          1. When I was there my sister took me to Franco and Luigi's in South Philly. It's BYOB..no corkage fee and the food was the best Italian I've ever had.