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KC brunch

What are everyone's favorite KC brunches? :)

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  1. Used to be a placed called V's Italian resturant on 40 HWY that served a really good brunch. I have not eaten there in years, and don't even know if it is still around.

    1. I haven't really found a place that I'm completely smitten with for brunch/ breakfast yet. Of course, sometimes by the time I'm up and ready, it's time for lunch, but that's a whole other story! ;-)

      V's is still around, but I've never eaten there.

      I used to really like Yahooz brunch buffet, but the last time I was there, it wasn't anything to write home about. So, I don't know if it's changed or if I've changed!

      I've really been wanting to try Peachtree's buffet, but haven't talked anyone into going with me yet!

      I hope other people respond, because I would like to find a great breakfast/ brunch place also!

      1. As long as it's not broiling hot (their A/C is a bit iffy), Succotash (in the River Market) is a great bet for breakfast or brunch. I've also heard good things about Tomfooleries' (on the Plaza) Sunday brunch buffet, but never experienced it for myself.

        1. Bluebird Cafe
          17th & Summit

          Classic Cup
          on the Plaza

          Bo Ling's has dim sum brunch on Saturday and Sunday at their 50th & Main (Board of Trade) venue and also at one or more of their suburban locations.

          1. We've been to dim sum at BoLings at the Plaza location 3 times in the last month. It was wonderful each time. We were told by one of the servers that the new chef is from Shanghai and is introducing new items every week. We had some great vegetable offerings, water spinach with garlic, tofu with cashews, and an amazing pickled cabbage with lemon zest. We also had a rice cake sweet that was quite like marzipan. The rice cakes were shaped and colored like little pumpkins and pears. They were filled with something similar to egg custard. Every time we go there is something new to try. We could go every week and enjoy it every time.

            1. Yes
              V's is still around and they still have their Sunday Brunch


              1. Don't forget about Room 39 on, well, 39th Street.

                1. The Classic Cookie (Wornall & Gregory) - Although the seating can be a logistical nightmare, food is very good. Recently enjoyed the potato & sausage casserole. Don't know if the multiple beers the night before were dictating my taste buds, but I devoured it. My father really enjoyed the pancakes, too.

                  Dagwoods Café (1117 Southwest Blvd.) – Greasy spoon, big time. “Famous” Dagwoods breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, hashbrowns, & bacon on Texas Toast. Think Egg McMuffin...on steroids. A buddy of mine took down the biscuits & gravy in record time.

                  I second the notion on the Peachtree. If their dinner is any indicator of the brunch scenario, I bet it’s pretty solid. It’s on my hit-list...

                  1. Bristol Bar and Grill has a very good brunch. We have never been disappointed with it.

                    1. I was at Granite City Brewery the other night and their brunch menu sounds really good. Haven't tried it yet but plan to soon. I also thought the price was good. Here's a link to the brunch menu

                      1. I know that they can be rather hit & miss for dinner, but my favorite brunch in KC is at Lidia's, where you can enjoy all the foods you'd overspend on at dinner for only $19.50. They have some excellent salads on the Antipasti table...

                        1. That is a fantastic deal (lidia's) -- salads, antipasti, and desserts on the buffet, plus an entree ordered from the menu. Don't plan anything strenuous for several hours afterwards.

                          1. Brunches I've had in KC that were reliable? Only Bo Ling's on the Plaza for dim sum, and service is better/less rushed, selections are fresher on Saturday than on Sunday. JMO

                            Lidia's was fine but underwhelming, quite honestly. Maybe I chose poorly? I had the pasta trio. Desserts were fabu-- lovely panna cotta, perfect texture.

                            Bluebird Cafe disappoints me every time, I don't know why. Salad was awful--bitter large leafed greens more appropriate to braise, dressing not whisked before dipped, so all oil, no acid at all. Meat overcooked. Sauces measly portion. Rice wrappers on appetizer were refrigerated, as were tomato garnish. What's going on in their kitchen? Fabulous dessert, once again, though--apple crostata was wonderful.

                            Room 39 is hit or miss. I've had burnt toast, potatoes, and sides there delivered to the table without a batted eye from the server. When they're on, they are ON though--yummy, simple food. Oh, and their barista is an artist. His espresso is consistently creamy, sweet, complex, and a complete joy. Brewed coffee is pretty good, too. They have decent tea service, though they do use Harney's teabags. They seem to actually know you need hot water!

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                              I've sworn off the pasta trio at Lidia's. When they first opened, it was the best part of the whole experience, but as time has gone on, it's become pretty uninspiring. On Sundays, though, they do their "Sunday sauces," which you can also order at brunch - and those are amazing.
                              I usually get the Frico with the crab...but I have a soft spot for crunchy Parmesan cheese.