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Jul 25, 2006 04:12 AM

Nice experience at Di Fara's

Hi all, just thought I would share the nice experience at Di Fara's this weekend while visiting from Toronto. I have been wanting to go this place for a few years and well the last time (and my first) I was in New York I was only able to con my boyfriend into accompanying me to Grimaldi's. We were both visitors to the city then. Two years later, this past weekend, it was agreed between the two of us that we would trek out to Di Fara's as it was 1) my birthday and 2) so I could finally stop ranting and whining on about the place (his words, not mine) :) Got there on sunday around 1pm and waited roughly 25 minutes for a pepperoni pie. It WAS delish. Milky, buttery cheese, fresh tomato sauce and a crispy, toasty crust, it was all wonderful and worth waiting for. Monday was my last day in New York and I'd thought I trek out again for a cheese slice before I went back to the great white north. It was terrific and I hope next time to have a square slice. Obviously, these visits will be slightly easier now that my boyfriend has just recently moved to the city! On another note, I was able to chat a little bit with Dom both days, he's a really lovely guy, like watching his one man show!

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  1. Funny, my B-day was in May and my BF told me it was "my day" and we could do whatever I wanted. I wanted DiFara's for lunch!

    We hadn't been in about two years and it was just as good as I remembered. The wait wasn't too bad and we gorged on square slices and tried the zucchini blossoms. I enjoyed them but my BF thought they were a bit greasy (the blossoms, not the pizza.)

    His square slice is definitely my favorite! I can't recall having better anyplace else. Next time we may just order a square pie with artichokes.

    Even got some shots of Dom making the pies. He truly is an artiste.

    1. hi deabot -- i was there and talked to you on the train back.

      i've been going quite a bit recently. i think, if anything, his artistry has improved in the past few years. monday's slices were great.

      1. I was there on Monday too!

        It was my first time at Di Fara's. The pizza was everything I expected plus more. I was really in awe of Dom and how much care he puts into each pie. I noticed how everybody who came in knew the deal, had patience, and no ill will about the wait. But, I guess when the pizza is that good; what is a few extra minutes?

        1. Went to DiFara's for the first time today. Incredible. I wanted to order a whole pie (even though it was just me and my wife), but it was taking sooooooo long (people who had called in their order ahead of time had already been waiting there for 40 minutes when I got there) -- although watching Dom methodically and carefully make the pies from scratch was almost worth the trip alone. When I saw Dom take a couple of pies out of the oven and cut them for slices, I decided to get a few slices instead (two square, two round). The square is the best Sicilian slice I've ever had in my life. The cheeses (imported buffalo mozarella and some kind of grated Parmesan) melded together but also stood out on their own, and was a perfect salty/sharp counterpoint to the sweet San Marzano tomato sauce. I felt like the square slice provided a better opportunity to appreciate the interaction of all those flavors - the sauce/cheese/fresh basil/crust combination per bite was just more intense than the round slice. The round slices were a bit greasy and the crust was burnt, and like I said, it was just not as flavorful as the square slice-- but even so, it was quite good, and far better than the other old school places I've been to (Lombardi's, John's, Patsy's, Totonno's -- haven't made it to Grimaldi's yet). This is definitely the best pizza I've had in New York.

          1. "...the sauce/cheese/fresh basil/crust combination per bite was just more intense than the round slice."

            Meat sauce on the square. Did he really put basil on the square too? The round crusts have been burning more these days... I think its the oven. I actually like the variation.

            At any rate, next time you're ready for added ingredients. Fresh artichokes are #1, but the sausage is right up there as well. See you there.

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              Had the chance to go over with my son a few weeks ago and had one of each. We were actually in and out pretty quickly. Divine. My son goes once a week during the school year since his guitar teacher is right next door, above one of the kosher places. It's pretty amazing to me that people visiting from out of town shlep all the way to Ave. J for pizza. I live on E. 15th St a few blocks away and I never go.