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Jul 25, 2006 03:03 AM

Anniversary dinner in Winston-Salem

My wife and I are looking for suggestions for our anniversary dinner in August. We moved to W-S from DC a few months ago and have had mixed results so far with area restaurants. We are primarily looking for fine dining suggestions, but we would also consider other suggestions if they are special experiences. My wife was treated to Christopher's, Salem Tavern, and Bonefish while interviewing for a job, so we'd probably want to try something besides these establishments. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I've just moved to the Triad from Charlotte so I haven't been many places, but the best fine dining I have had so far has been at Noble's.

    1. Welcome to Winston! Milner's on Stratford is excelent (upscale low country food), Paul's (Robinhood) "old school" italian, Xia's (downtown-Spruce St.) Asian Fusion and Noble's is a good choice. Check out Sweet Potato's on Trade (southern/soul food) in a cool spot, also, the new "Botta Bing" pizza restaurant on Country Club (near Peacehaven) is good. Downtown the Mellow Mushroom is real fun as well. Downtown Thai on 4th St. is a good place as well. Enjoy

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        Is Paul's in a strip mall, very old school, seems very out of place?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I would echo brentk and recommend Noble's. If gso is not too far there are more fine dining options there(Berts, bistro sofia, 223 south elm, etc) or even Saigon(upscale vietnamese). I like Milners but it is not fine dining.

          What did your wife think of Christopher's and what have your other experiences been in the area?

          1. <<What did your wife think of Christopher's and what have your other experiences been in the area?>>

            Her dinners at Christopher's have been mixed, but more favorable than not. She normally orders a fish entree, which I think have typically been good; the appetizers have been more erratic (I'll ask for more details when she is awake).

            We have tried several restaurants, but mostly relatively inexpensive ones where our daughters could comfortably accompany us. Our list would include Arigato, The Loop, Nawab, Mi Pueblo, La Carreta, Village Tavern, Athena, Mr. Barbecue, Little Richard's, Lucky 32, Cha Da Thai, Sampan, Kowloon, and Oriental Cafe. Of these, Oriental Cafe was good to very good, particularly since it came after disappointing dinners at Sampan, and Kowloon (take out)and mediocre dinners at Cha Da Thai and Arigato. Village Tavern (Reynolda Village) was good for bar food (ie. better than national chains), although I'm not inclined to wait for a table at the Hanes Mall Blvd location. I was disappointed in both barbecue places; neither was as good as I remember Woodlands in Blowing Rock and were several notches below how I remember Lexington No. 1, Wilbur's, etc (I'm originally from NC). Mi Pueblo and La Carretta just didn't live up to expectations. While the breadth of dishes is improved over what I could order in NW NC 15 years ago, I expected the quality to be better, given the influx of Latinos over the past decade.

            Granted, I may be judging these restaurants by DC competition instead of the competition in the Triad (with the exception of the BBQ joints). Let me know if you want detailed info about any of the restaurants that I mentioned.

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              I agree with your comments on the mexican food - but have you tried an out of the way strip mall place called El Sombrero? They have a "real mexican" section of the menu and the food is great and pretty authentic. The whole fried fish with chili sauce is wonderful as is the rustic guac dip and green sauce. It's not much on atmosphere - but give it a whirl. P. S. Good reviews on the other spots as well!