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Jul 25, 2006 02:42 AM

Great Restaurant Needed In Franklin Tennessee!

We will be in Franklin Tennessee in September and need to find a great restaurant. I have visited before and all the places recommended had nothing but fried foods, or the food was mediocre at best. For such a charming town it seemed to lack good restaurants, or I just could not find them. Other than that, I am in love with Franklin Tennessee!

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  1. Franklin has hundreds of restaurants, but nearly all are chains in the Cool Springs area. There could be something out there I don't know about, but I would suggest driving into town (Nashville) to find a spot. Personal favorites: Cafe Nonna - small, great atmosphere, traditional Italian, unpretentious. Park Cafe - upscale southern(?), consistently excellent, safe bet. Outdoor seating available. Try the pork chop and the mac/cheese (really). Both of these are on Murphy Road w/in a block of one another off of West End. Bound'ry has great, creative food and a menu that promotes sharing, so lots of opportunities to try differnt things.

    In terms of highly rated spots, Cafe Margot (East Nashville), Zola (West End) and Capitol Grille (downtown, Hermitage Hotel) usually lead the list.

    1. Maybe there are some restaurants in downtown Franklin worth checking out, but I agree that your best bet is to drive a few minutes into Nashville. There is, however, in adjacent Brentwood a great restaurant called The Wild Iris -- in the back of a strip center on Franklin Road. It's a little more convenient to Franklin. Otherwise, agree with the previous post: Margot, Zola, watermark rate at the top of most lists. Cafe Nonna is great, but very limited seating. Park Cafe is always a good choice.

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        Thanks so much, we will try The Wild Iris! Nashville is a bit of a drive.

      2. I am confused was the dining mediocre fried food or just mediocre food? I can not tell from your post if you think fried food is altogether mediocre or just don't like fried food.

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          I thought the fried food was just mediocre, and I love lots of fried food!! We tried several places in Franklin and all were just mediocre. I am sure there are tons of restaurants, and I have a feeling that many are great, we just do not know where they are!!! There is a great chance we will be relocating there, and I love franklin, a fabulous place to live, I just don't know where to eat yet!