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Jul 25, 2006 02:27 AM

amelia island recommendations?

staying at the ritz-carlton for a fw days but would prefer to go off resrt for dinner. checked out a few sites, any thoughts on any of the following? PLAE, beech street grill, brett's waterway cafe, le clos, or the embers?

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  1. No experience with PLAE or Embers but have heard good things.
    Beech Street, one of my favorites. Pick up the local newspaper, comes on Wed. and Fri., usually has a two for one entree coupon which makes Beech St. a very good value I think.

    Bretts Waterway, good

    Le Clos, very good but a bit pricey in MHO.

    Lots of other good places also. In an upscale vein like the above places you named there are Joe's 2nd Street Bistro, The Florida House, Carolyn's etc.

    For a bit plainer, less upscale, Barbara Jean's and the Marina are quite functional and do lunches as well.

    For lunch must go to T-Ray's Burger Station. An Amoco station across the street from Beech St. Best burger in town and good daily specials.

    Sort of hard to go too far wrong. Enjoy your stay.