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Jul 25, 2006 02:24 AM

Good, quiet restaraunt in Studio City?

Hi all, am looking for a good, quiet place in Studio City or there abouts for dinner with someone special this Thursday. Only issue is that they have a hearing implant, so its hard for them to understand a converation when there's a lot of background noise, so anywhere noisy is out.

Places that have worked for us in the past... Midori Sushi, Ciotti Pizza Cafe (on Tejunga, I think I goofed the name of the place), and the Steak Joynt. But we've been to all three several times, would like to try something new.

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  1. Maximilian's is not in Studio City proper but just to north at Tujunga and Weddington. The food is lovely and it is very quiet.

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    1. re: bodie

      Agree with Maximilian's. If it's lunch time, try seating outside. Inside - not too crowded. You can even speak a bit loudly without bothering anyone.

    2. Have you tried Pinot Bistro? Very quiet if you get there early. It also stays quiter if you take one of the tables near the bar.

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      1. re: MareZeeDotes

        Just had dinner at Pinot Bistro the other night and will have to withdraw my total recommendation. The bar was still quiet, however the noise level in the dining room was pretty high.

        Good food though!

      2. How about Outtake Bistro? I don't recall it being too loud in there.

        Another option is that Thai place (I forget the name now!) on Ventura place (next to Big 5), or Gungadin (Indian) on that same street. Both are smaller restaurants that wouldn't be too noisy.

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          I have similar hearing issues as poster is concerned about, and Out Take Bistro is way too noisy for me, assuming you are there during the middle of the evening. Now if at 6p.m., then maybe so. Sompun is the Thai place you are thinking about.

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            Went to Outtake Bistro with a friend who wears hearing aids. It was way too loud for him there and he had trouble hearing our conversation.

          2. Ca del Sole can be quiet, depending upon where you are seated. Or the Cantina place on Ventura near Cahuenga.

            1. How bout the Wine Bistro?