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Jul 25, 2006 02:13 AM

Is Anyone Watching Anthony Bourdain in Quebec Foie Gras special?

Oh my! You should be watching this on the Travel channel! It's a foie gras feast of all feasts - I'm having a heart attack just watching what he's eating!

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  1. Rerun. Saw it when it was first on - swore my next trip was going to be Quebec...

    1. Not being so politically correct as Chicago and Califonia, I often enjoy this treat. The number of places that serve it grows and grows, so I would have to guess more people want it than the loonies at Peta would have you believe. Is it shipped to the US? If so try it at home--I did with much trepidation, but it was just great.

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        There are two foie gras producers in the US: Sonoma Foie Gras in California and Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York. Some restaurants prefer to ship it in from France but most use the excellent local supply. Quebec is very protective of its foie gras and very little, if any, leaves Quebec.

        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          Anyone know what's the latest with Sonoma Foie Gras? A law passed in California in 2004 is "phasing out" Foie Gras by banning the production and sale of foie in California by the year 2011 (I think). Last I heard (about a year ago), the family owned business was looking to relocate to another state, maybe Nevada? There isn't a lot of press about it these days, but I'm certainly hoping the law is repealed. This may be one case where animal rights activists outnumber foodies!

        2. re: faijay

          I order whole foie gras from D'Artganan. The pack well with cold packs and overnight it. They have sevseral grades and if I am making terrine then I order grade B instead of Grade A. Because it is a terrine and will get packed into a mold with spices and brandy breaking it up to remove the veins and any bile spots is no big deal. If I want to serve seared slices then I go for the more expensive grade A. God I love that stuff. You can also order terrines from any number of on line sources, Rougie from France is a very good brand. When we are in London I can buy the Rougie brand in glass crocks. Just let it come up to room temp and eat it up with a spoon or you could get a loaf of Poulain bread at Horrids which goes well with it too.

          Love that stuff. I make is a Christmas time treat since DH and I do not purchase much for each other. Not much that we need.