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Jul 25, 2006 02:05 AM

Natchez, Ms. Recommendations?

I will be in Natchez this weekend and wanted to know of any great places to eat. Thanks in advance!

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  1. there is a place downtown called biscuits and blues that is pretty good, pearl street pasta is over rated and there is a place in natchez under the river that is not great but passable but the view is great. walk up the street to the very old bar for a sense of old natchez river pirate hang outs. i dont eat out in Natchez too often but i have never been blown away by the spots there, but that said there are several sercivable stops all in the downtown area

    1. If you're there for lunch, I would really encourage you to visit Mammy's Cupboard (11am-2pm Tues-Sat). It's on Hwy 61 South, maybe 4-5 minutes from the center of town. My husband and I *love* it - the entrees are nice, and the dessert table is something you will remember (for all the right reasons) for a loooong time.

      I agree with frankiii that Biscuits & Blues is okay. Some people are *in love* with Fat Mama's Tamales, but we weren't at all impressed the one time we went and won't go back. If you're looking for finer dining, the big B&Bs serve supper - Monmouth, Carriage House (at Stanton Hall - museum), and The Castle (at Dunleith).

      I would also suggest Cock of the Walk - the one in Natchez is the original I think, and their fried pickles, catfish, and cornbread are nice. If you have kids, they especially will enjoy it when the server flips the cornbread in the air in front of your table before serving it.

      Please report back and let us know about your experience when you return!

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        i had forgotten about Cock of The Walk. It is great. As i recall, the food is served on a lazy susan. Mammy's Cupboard is interesting if only because it is a lasting example of programatic architecutre and um... less than respectful sensibilities

      2. Carriage House is a great place to eat lunch. The Castle Restaurant at Dunleith is a good place for dinner. Monmouth Plantation is probably the best place in town for dinner. Go to Fat Mama's down by the river for great fun and tamales. Biscuits and Blues is highly recommended........

        1. Fat Mama's may not be an option any more. According to Hungry Celeste on the NO board, Fat Mama's is no longer in Natchez.

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          1. re: Sister Sue

            that is correct. Fat Mama's moved to the Bluffs in St. Francisville. I was there on Sunday. I should have gotten the Gringo Pie. The tamales by them selves were not so great. The margaritas were not bad though

          2. Fat Mama's is still open in natchez, and will be building a new location as their current location will become a national park. The park service is allowing FMT to stay open till their new location is finished