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Jul 25, 2006 01:39 AM

ISO mochi ice cream other than Mikawaya

It seems nearly impossible to find any other mochi than mikawaya at supermarket or restaurants. I love mochi and I LOVE ice cream so naturally love mochi ice cream but is it possible that you can't put the 2 together without compromise? I'd hate to think that these maybe its not possible to have great mochi and great ice cream together.

With mikawaya's mochi ice cream, I think the ice cream is kinda artifical tasting and just not very good ice cream. And the mochi just isn't as tender and well textured as non-ice cream mochi.

Is this a lost cause?

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  1. I know that they sell mochi in the freezer at J&Y on 8th avenue between 55th and 56th streets. Maybe they have the kind you are looking for.

    1. They have very good mochi ice cream at the Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant Street, a great Asian market in general..

      1. I've had some really nasty mochi but I've also had a great one. I got them at Central Market in Dallas. They are called "Bubbies" and are soooo yummy. I've had mango and chocolate/coconut. Mango is my favorite. The ice cream is very rich and creamy and the pastry is soft. Other mochi I've had have a grainy texture and the pastry is dry and chewy. Look for the Bubbies!

        1. I like the one by lotte. They come in packs of two and can be found next to the other brands of mochi icecream at Jasmart and Sunrise mart. The ice-cream is a lot creamier. It's quite a bit more expensive however, but I like to splurge on it rather than eating inferior icecream.
          Do not buy the mini-sized ones.. the proportion of mochi to icecream isn't quite right, resulting in overchewiness.

          1. I have gotten mochi ice cream at Trader Joes. They come in green tea, strawberry, chocolate and mango. I like the green tea ones, have not tried the others.