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Jul 25, 2006 01:37 AM

erb thai in Greenpoint--er, blah.

Craving old fashioned Williamsburg Thai ala PlanEat Thailand circa 1997, I chose this place on Manhattan Avenue and ordered chicken pad see ew, which the menu described as having Chinese Broccoli in it. I ordered it "Not too sweet" which has been a standard line lately, to varying degrees of success.

This dish, in addition to having plenty of yucky regular broccoli florets mixed in amongst the Chinese variety, was so sweet it should have come with whipped cream, a cherry, and a thin mint sticking out of it. Yuck. I can't believe I ate it--I still feel guilty like I ate a whole red velvet cake or something.

Who's tops these days for Williamsburg-area Thai? I've given up on Amarin--last meal there (year ago) was dreadful. Of course I'll hit up Sripraphai every once a while for the real thing, but Brooklyn Thai used to be subtler and fresher (much like the borough itself.)

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  1. I lived in Greenpoint until recently and found Thai Cafe to be the best of the bunch - they're consistent, cheap and fast.

    1. I agree -- Thai Cafe is the best of the bunch and the closest to old school Planet Thai. I would add the friendliness of the staff to erikka's list of its virtues. Tho we are no longer within walking distance, we still make the trek over from our new home in South Brooklyn once a month or so for the amazing crispy duck in penang curry (with real chinese broccoli) and the mixed shellfish with basil sauce (each of which are always on the special menu).

      1. Most thai northside are just ok. same ole stuff. some really bad like sea and planet thai. thai cafe is good for easy lunch.

        Being thai and growning up with home cooking, the best thai in the burg is Siam Orchard on Metropolitan and Lily thai on grand. An easy way to tell if the thai food is good is that they have fresh fish cakes not the frozen ones. Also, new place called Noodle shop on N6 is not bad, good Rad na (a staple) which is also a good indicater of authentic thai.

        1. Thanks for the recs. I live in the Slope, and my favorite local place, Thai Sky, is either good or below average depending on which chef out of the two is cooking (wish I had the schedule). But they go through great lengths to make fresh fish cakes--the owner told me so, and the effort clearly shows--they're scrumptious.

          If you're a fish cake fiend, you should check out some of the fishball places on Eldridge Street south of Canal in the city. My favorite is called something like Fu Zhou Cuisine, and the balls are stuffed with wonderful minced pork.