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dinner in Batavia, NY this Friday....

Can anyone suggest a decent restaurant in Batavia?
Thanks for any tips!

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  1. I wish you good luck in Batavia.

    We were there a few years ago and NOTHING was memorable.

    We went to a wedding in the best restaurant (??) in Batavia and it really sucked.

    1. That's exactly why I'm asking for some chow tips;) I had some awful bar food at the Holiday Inn restaurant last time I was there a few years ago....trying to avoid that experience a 2nd time....

      1. I lived in Batavia about 10 years ago and Pontillo's Pizza was good. I know the Rochester locations are still well-received.

        1. I can see that this is a bit late for Phoenikia's trip, but I have been going to work off and on in Batavia for the past several years. I have had some pretty good meaty meals at Alex's Place at 9322 Park Road, just down from Batavia Downs. The steak salad was good. I liked their wings and soups and desserts. Sometimes the BBQ is too slathered in sauce but they're very friendly, the place is quite nice inside, always crowded and prices are modest. They close at 9 p.m.

          Because of the early closing and my frequent late arrival, I find myself going to Sporto's, official name Sport of Kings, a 24-hour diner at 419 W. Main Street, Batavia NY 14020. I've had foods involving grilled chicken breast and they've been excellent. I once had a nice strawberry cream pie, a special. It's not fancy but is very clean and extremely reasonable. I usually get out for around $10 with a beverage and dessert.

          I will post back when I've found something else tasty to add.

          1. Did you ever find anything in Batavia? Goint this weekend. mgebs

            1. I grew up in Batavia...not exactly a food mecca! You're best bet is Italian - the town was founded by Italians. Pontillo's is a mainstay but used to be better. Have wings there. If you're used to NYC style pizza you're in for a surprise. Sporto's has terrible food but a good cross section of locals. Settler's for breakfast is a must. Or if you're feeling adventurous try the Pok-a-Dot, the ultimate greasy spoon, for an egg-n-pepper sandwich. Please at least drive by it, you'll understand. Don't bother with Alex's or Cristina's.

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                Stopped at Settler's this AM for a great breakfast. Fast service for a Sunday. Caved last night to Applebee's which is dependable and offers wine.

              2. I'll be having dinner in Batavia on a Friday night in a few weeks- would love to hear any suggestions you might have.

                Looks like Pontillo's no longer operates a Batavia location: http://thebatavian.com/blogs/hilly/ba...

                Are there any places you'd suggest besides Alex's or Sporto's aka Sport of Kings Family Restaurant for dinner? Between Alex's and Sport of Kings, which would you choose?

                Here is Alex's website: http://www.alexsribs.com/
                Can't find a website for Sport of Kings, but for other CHs' future reference, it's open 24 hours.

                Here is a list of other restaurants in Batavia, that haven't been mentioned in this thread:

                1. Well, I won't say it's great, but if I had to eat in or near Batavia, I'd go the The Red Osier.


                  Otherwise, it's pizza or trash food.

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                  1. Bumping up this ancient thread to see if anything is changed in three years since this has been posted. Driving to Batavia to see the Mud Dogs play en route to Buffalo, and wondering about dinner. Found Mothers Chicken & Fish, which looks like my kind of place, but just wanted to see if there were any reviews out there. We're in to diners/local food as opposed to anything fancier.