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Jul 25, 2006 12:59 AM

Indian food in the Mission?

Taking newcomers to SF who like Indian to dinner Thursday night. They live in Bernal Heights. We could go to the Indian place near their house, but would rather go to the Mission. Any ideas?

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    1. DOSA
      995 Valencia St.
      San Francisco
      (415) 642-3672

      1. aslam's rasoi
        on valencia @22nd

        I read good reports a while back on Little Nepal in Bernal,
        haven't followed what's happening there recently.

          1. re: test123

            Sorry, but thumbs down for Zante pizza.
            We had their pizza once, and it was the last as well. It was basically a pizza-with-a-soggy-crust-and-3-day-old-leftover-meat-on-top.

          2. Al Hamra or Pakwan for downscale, or Aslam's Rasoi or Dosa for a mid-range experience. All of them are pretty good. I tend to get take out from Al Hamra over Pakwan, as it's a bit less greasy. Dosa can be a scene with long waits, Aslam's Rasoi a bit more serene.