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Jul 25, 2006 12:55 AM

matjes herring

I just found Mathes Herring, after some 40 years of having forgotten how good it can be. But, hot to eat it? What with it? creme freish? sour cream? what kind of bread or cracker. Advice and opinions wanted and where to buy it in Southern and Cetntral Coast California..

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  1. tip your head back like the beautiful dutch blonde, hang the specimen high in the air and drop it in. : ) (fresh ideally)

    works well in open face sandwich. (slice hard boild eggs, dill, cream.

    ive onlyy had them in germany but i have seen them in many a refrigerated case at grocery stores in so cal. (vita brand i thinalso jars) TJ's has em too.

    1. Got a can at IKEA - just opened it and threw it on a plate. We had some nice Il Fornaio Italian-style bread, a little stale, and sliced it up and wrapped chunks of herring in it. I think it'd be good with about any thin cracker, maybe with some cottage cheese and a chopped fresh tomato, cucumber, onion. If I were alone in the house I'd probably just stand over the sink with the open can in my hand...

      1. Canned is, well... canned. Call or order on-line from Russ and Daughters and get the fresh stuff. The best herring is the Dutch, but it's only available once a year (too late for this year). The North Sea is darn near as good, and it's available year round. I eat it mostly as is - the good stuff is really like sashimi. I'll eat it with sushi rice, but also with cream cheese on a bagel (ok- I'm half Japanese/half Jewish).

        1. I've recently discovered some fine matjes herring in the refrigerated section of Zabar's in NYC and have just been obsessed with it. I like the pickled version packed in oil the best to which I add very thinly sliced red onions. I most often eat this straight up, or if I am feeling more ambitious, I'd chop up & mold the herring into a tartare and enjoy that with some French bread and a green salad. I also layer the fillets onto thin Rykrisp cracker bread spread with cream cheese, add some fresh tomato and cuke slices and eat it like an open face sandwich.

          1. My ex was Dutch. He taught me to eat matjes thus:
            slice of good bread or pumpernickel
            spread with mayo (real mayo)
            add slice of matjes
            sprinkle to taste with onion
            wash down with beer.