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Jul 25, 2006 12:55 AM

Need good restaurant recommendations for Catalina Island

I will be going to Catalina Island (I hope the fires are out) within the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have any favorite restaurants which they could recommend? I am taking a visitor and can spend up to $50.00 a piece for meals. What would you suggest? (We especially like seafood or great steaks) Any input would be helpful. Mucho thanks. =)

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  1. Armstrong's Seafood is good. Nice setting and they know how to do wood broiled fish. We had a group of eight for a few days last year and that was everyones favorite.

    1. The Catalina Country Club restaurant is also good. You can end up spending over $50 per person though.

      1. I know that this is not responsive to your inquiry, but you will need to eat lunch and breakfast and I have some recommendations:

        Eric's on the pier - it is, as the name suggests, on the pier in the middle of town. It is a hamburger stand and I highly recommend the bacon cheese burger with ortega chile. It is so good it makes me want to cry.

        Antonio's Pizza - there are two locations, one on the water, and the original is just up the from the main street, known as Front Street, i prefer the original, but with guests the water front is probably your best choice. I recommend the Hawaiian Pizza, which I normally distain, but here it is great.

        Lori's Sandwich Place - again just up of the main street. Great sandwichs but they come with sprouts, and I prefer not to have lawn clippings on my sandwich. Anyway, the sandwichs are good, but it is the date shake that is the star. Order the date shake. It is mandatory.

        Finally, I have the only breakfast place recommendation - The Pancake Cottage - always busy and always good.

        Have fun and let me know if you liked any of these places. If you do nothing else, have a burger at Eric's and a date shake. Please.