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Jul 25, 2006 12:46 AM

To make preserves in large quantities?

I'm looking to make about 100 - 200 half-pints of preserves by late September, for wedding favors. Right now I'm at about sixty. All the cookbooks say to do jams and jellies in small batches to get the right gel. I've made apple butter in larger quantities, and chutney - anything else you can think of that can be made in larger batches?

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  1. I've made marmalade in 10 quart lots, and chutney in about 10-12 quart lots. Marmalade gels fairly easily but I don't know if this is what you're after. Do you use pectin for your preserves? This would make it easier if you are working with low-pectin fruit.

    1. Lemon, orange or lime curd. You can make big batches if you are careful. I made 800 jars of all different preserves the depressing year I got divorced and sold every one!!!! Preserving took my mind off my woes and earned me a load of dough! Plus I got to channel my dream Iowa farm women in my own kitchen in Philadelphia. The kitchen floor was very sticky for a while.