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Jul 25, 2006 12:38 AM

Great restaurants for a group in Back Bay???

I'm trying to find a restaurant for a group of 12 people. I'm from out of state so I have no idea where to go. Any help is appreciated. We're staying in Back Bay so somewhere that is nearby is preferred.

Thank you!

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  1. can you help us help you by advising on price point, preferred cuisine and atmosphere ( relaxed casual, party , elegant?).....

    1. Yeah, that would probably help, wouldn't it!

      I want to spend between $50-$60 per person. Cuisine should be more mainstream (i.e. steakhouse, seafood, Italian, tapas, etc). Atmosphere - nothing too elegant and nothing with a dress code.

      1. Smith & Wollensky (may be too pricey) for steak
        McCormick & Schmick for seafood
        Summer Shack for large clam shack experience
        Maggiano's for large scale production American Italian
        Tapeo for tapas

        1. I work in Back Bay. Have several times had work celebrations with 10-15 people at Davio's - it's an Italian Steakhouse in the Park Plaza Hotel. Great food, service, nice atmosphere, not too noisy.

          Would also recommend McCormick and Schmick (in the same building) if folks want seafood, and of course Legal Seafood is always a classic.

          Joe's Brasserie on Huntington Ave (French Bistro.)

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            Not to nitpick, but it's Brasserie Jo, named for chef Jean Joho, not some guy named Joe, and it's a brasserie, not a bistro. Good suggestion, though.

          2. Atlantic fish on boylston is really good seafood at a decent price. I think they have a seperate dining room downstairs for larger parties.