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Jul 25, 2006 12:31 AM

When Not to Use a Graham Cracker Crust?

I'm really not a huge pie crust person. On the other hand, I love graham cracker crusts (& other crumb crusts).

For what type of pies/cheesecakes are crumb crusts inappropriate?

I would assume that it wouldn't work as well for a fruit pie (i.e. Apple), because there is so much liquid in the filling. What about pecan pie? Or coconut cream pie?

On the savory side, what about savory cracker crusts for a chicken pot pie or a French Canadian pork pie?

Does anyone have recipes for pies using crumb crusts which would ordinarily use regular pie crust?


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  1. I've used crumb crusts for quiches and savoury tarts before. Also for custard-filled pies or no-bake fruit pies (ie, gelled fruit or fruit-and-cream fillings).

    1. I really have to have a lard crust for Tourtiere (Canadian pork pie) it just is not right without it and it id a drier type pie filling than a regular, beef, chicken etc. pie But if you are doing a savoury meat pie could you not do something like a bottom crustless sheperds pie and if crust in you bete noire there lots of crumble,slump, and cobbler recipes out there which need no bottom crust. I recently made the blueberry tart from Epicurious which I have posted photos of in the past. Blueberries, buttermilk and lemon without a crust sort of like a clafoutis since DH and I do watch out carbs. It was wonderful. My DH's father was a heart patient and was very happy when my MIL made his favorite pies as fillings only with only a streusel or crumble top.

      Think of your quiche or savoury tart as a frittata. No bottom crust needed.