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Jul 24, 2006 11:53 PM

Hawaii needs its own board - 73% of all responses for the Islands

Quick statistical analysis shows that 63% of all posts on "Elsewhere in America" and 73% of all first-page (recent 40) responses were for Hawaii. Let the little guys have a chance, and let the tourists get their answers quickly & easily.

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  1. Vegas should have its own board

    New Jersey needs its own board instead of having NJ posts scattered among 2 different boards

    the Midwest board should be broken up 3 ways because it is such a large area

    1. You are saying the tourists to Hawaii can't find their answer quickly? Why, all those three or four Wyoming posts getting in the way of the 73% Hawaiian Islands posts, come on.

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      1. re: ChinoWayne

        I, for one am going to be one of those tourists, and find it inconvenient to sift through those 27% of threads. It's especially annoying when you are reading from post to post about recommendations and have to back up to make sure the posters are still talking about Hawaii. It would make the user experience better for everyone.

        1. re: foodiegrl

          Well then I guess you would get really frustrated wading through all the stuff you are not interersted in on the Midwest board, if you were only interested in say, Minnedapolis chow. Really gives your scroll button a work out.

          1. re: ChinoWayne

            Mellow out. I'm relating my personal bad user experience. Since I'm not traveling to the Midwest this month, I haven't come across that poor design. However, if, say, I was going to MSP, and noticed 75% of all posts were for the Twin Cities, yes, I'd argue for its own board too. Sorry I don't have the bandwidth to do a statistical analysis of every rollup region right now.

        2. re: ChinoWayne

          No, NO! it's the people looking for Montana or Idaho posts that are going blind....

        3. Maybe Hawaii should have it's own board. But the way to decide isn't by looking at the fraction of the Elsewhere board that has Hawaii posts. Instead, just look at the number of Hawaii posts. If there are 2 a day, it doesn't need its own board. If there are 30 a day, it does. Somewhere in between should be a cutoff.

          1. the SOUTH board also needs to be broken up 3 ways because of the size of the region.

            1. It's my understanding that all this is in the works. They just recently broke up the "international board" into many countries; the regional boards can't be far behind.