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Jul 24, 2006 11:50 PM

Fresh Blueberry Pie???

With all these fresh blueberries around I have been craving either b'berry pie, or a tart with pastry cream and uncooked blueberries on top (please don't tell me to make it myself....where did that term "easy as pie" come from?)
I will travel!

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  1. La Farine makes excellent pastry cream tarts with fresh fruit.

    1. Lola's.

      There is no contest. No one comes close. It is worth the trip.

      Call ahead to reserve. They only make it when they have access to top blueberries. It was there last week and it is STILL fabulous. If you don't think this is the best blueberry pie in the area, I'll pay for your dinner at the next chowdown we both attend ... even if that is French Laundry ... althouth the liklihood of me eating at FL again is pretty nil.

      I'm including my latest Lola's post to entice you to also pick up the apricot rosemmary jam if you go there.

      Note: It is closed Monday & Tuesday

      1. Bakesale Betty on Telegraph and 51st in Oakland makes great blueberry pies; $2.50 a slice or $25 for a whole pie. (But I've never had Lola's, so can't compare.)

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        1. re: Hungry Hippo

          Thanks for reminding me. I haven't tried Bakesale Betty's yet.

          Well, Derek, you'll have to solve this for us with a pie from each. Lola's doesn't sell by the slice, but when they have enough berries they do small pies.

          1. re: Hungry Hippo

            I tried Bakesale Betty's last night at Pizzaiolo. Excellent, just like homemade.

          2. We had a simply wonderful blueberry tart at Frescaiti Friday night. There was plenty for two of us and in fact it was shared by 4.

            1. Not sure if this belongs on another board, but am I the only one who finds local California blueberries to be tasteless? I went to summer camp in Minnesota and those berries packed a different flavor entirely. Is it a different type of berry grown out here?

              At least when they're cooked into a pastry they can be doctored with lemon juice and sugar and cooked down a bit. Good luck finding what you're after.

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              1. re: Tobias

                The weather isn't right for blueberries. It doesn't get cold enough in the winter.

                That being said, the exception would be Sebastopol Blueberry Farm.


                There was another farm next door to it that was great too, but the owner retired.

                I think Lola's gets blueberries from Oregon. There is some sort of family connection or something up there. I know with the huckleberries they get from Oregon, someone is personally picking those berries and shipping them to Lola's.

                The pie is as good, if not better, than most of the pies I've had growing up in New England ... even as good as a homemade pie where I personally picked some wild berries in a vacant lot in Rockport, Mass.

                1. re: Tobias

                  There are two varieties of blueberries (perhaps more). High bush blueberries are larger and have less flavor than the low bush blueberries ( I think this is the wild variety) which are smaller and more intensely flavorful. I recently found the low bush variety at the Grand Lake farmer's market, but the vendor was there just once. The larger variety are more commonly available around here.