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Jul 24, 2006 11:48 PM

Village Host Pizza in Aptos

Yesterday I went into Village Host Pizza for the first time. They are part of a small chain with locations in the Bay Area and SLO. A co-worker had given their burger a high recommendation and that's what I was there for. Unfortunately, they had a "No Sandwiches" sign up and that included burgers! So since I was there, I ordered a pizza. They have a large selection of toppings. I thought their prices were reasonable, especially compared to other local pizza joints. I ordered a small pizza with eight toppings.

After what felt like a very long wait, my number was called and I picked up my meal from the counter. Village Host's pizza is what I would call "pizza parlor" pizza. It's in the same style as what you might get at Shakey's, Straw Hat, and Round Table. I liked the cheese and sauce just fine. The toppings were of a good quality and generously applied to the pizza. Sadly, the crust was weak. It had a dry, not-so-fresh quality about it. I'm even wondering they had used some sort of pre-baked crust. It's too bad because they would have one of the better pizzas in mid-county if they had a decent crust.

But, the worst part of my Village Host experience was sitting in their FILTHY dinning room. I couldn't believe it. The floor was covered in debris from one end to another. The staff was in no hurry to bus the tables. Almost every unoccupied table was piled with garbage. It's hard to believe that a restaurant in a nice area like Seascape would run their business that way.

I do not recommend Village Host Pizza.

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  1. Been there a couple times (with a group, at their request). I agree, the pizza is very, very average. Round Table is much better. And the staff there is basically a bunch of slackers. If there's any kind of crowd, it's really slow and the place is a mess. Now Palapa's, across the parking lot, is worth visiting.

    1. Thanks for saving me from a visit there (not that I was really contemplating one). Average pizza in the midst of dirty tables ignored by slacker surfer kids is not my idea of a good time...Doesn't sound like they know how to "host."

      Any thoughts on Aptos Pizza on Soquel Drive?

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        I love Aptos Pizza. It's THE classic Santa Cruz County pizza joint. They serve "pizza parlor" pizza and do it very well. They don't skimp on the toppings. No slices. Only whole pies. In addition, they have hot sandwiches, pasta, and salads. I also love the "60's beach house" vibe of the place.

        I wish they'd get more recognition as they are among the best pizzerias in the county. I've found them to be more consistently good than Pizza My Heart. This year marks their 40th anniversary.

        1. re: Matt of Aptos

          Awesome! Look forward to trying Aptos Pizza soon. I've been tiring of PMH lately...

      2. I should have mentioned it, Aptos Pizza is the place to go in that area. I once worked across the street years ago, and it's still good. I do like Pizza My Heart for a real thin crust.

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