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Jul 24, 2006 11:34 PM

Chocolate in Westchester

I've been eating this hot and spicy Vosges chocolate bar for the last couple of days. Wish there was some seriously spicy hot chocolate (or the cold variation) here in the burbs.

Maybe the folks at Cocoa in Larchmont will spice their amazing cocoa up. I did a post recently on chocolate around and I'd like to add what folks here know.

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  1. are you looking for where to get a good selection on vosges and other chocolates? (by the way, I love that red fire bar). Trader Joe's and Balducci's both carry vosges chocolates, in addition to a number of other brands. Or are you looking for other places that play off of the chocolate-chile variations? Unfortunately on the latter point I don't know... perhaps someone else can chime in?

    Good luck...

    1. Huh, I didn't see any Vosges at Trader Joe's - other tasty chocolates though.

      I was wondering whether anyone was making chocolates in the area that used chiles. Now, even Cocoa in Larchmont doesn't make their own base chocolate - but they do great things with it and make some nice truffles, etc.

      I also really like the chocolate at Schakolad in Stamford (their base is made out in California by a European maker). Especially the dark has some very nice qualities. I haven't given a good look for the hot stuff there yet.


      1. You might want to check out Anna Shea chocolates in Tarrytown. She makes excellent and beautiful chocolates. Her web site is: