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Jul 24, 2006 11:25 PM

Tribute Cake at Cafe Cacao

Is it worth it?

I've read in another post that other chefs use Scharffen Berger
chocolate better than Sharffenberger's Cafe Cacao. True?

Then, where should I go for a great S. chocolate dessert?

thanks...I love this site...

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  1. On my list to try for dessert Absinthe in SF to get a chocolate dessert made by the French pastry chef Murielle Roux, I think she uses Sharffenberger :

    I don't remember reading anything good about Cafe Cacao so can't recommend it.

    1. Most of the comments on CH were that the Tribute Cake wasn't worth it -- which seems incredible for a Scharffen Berger factory site. Just wondering what others thought...

      1. The pastry chef at Sharff is actually the old pastry chef from Absinthe so I'm surprised that the desserts are not getting good reviews.