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Jul 24, 2006 11:21 PM

Bread Machine Recipes

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone might have some good recipes for bread machines.

Specifically, I would like some rye bread recipes or other whole grain recipes.

Also, I know the vital wheat gluten being called for in some recipes I have is for rising purposes but has anyone tried not using it? It there a substantial difference? Or have you figured out changes that allow you not to use it?


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  1. There are a lot of well-tested bread recipes at the King Arthur Flour site at

    In my opinion, you will need the wheat gluten if you're using a recipe that has a significant amount of rye, rice, corn, or amaranth flour, as they have no gluten. You might also need it if you are baking a bread with lots of whole grains, as they are heavier than regular bread flour and need the extra gluten to rise properly.

    You can find gluten at most natural food stores around the country in the bin section. It's not particularly expensive.

    Alternatively, you might try using King Arthur Bread Flour for your white flour as it has a particularly high gluten content. I use it for a lot of whole grain breads and it works out pretty well. I don't think it would quite cut it for rye bread, though.

    Who is not associated in any way but likes the King Arthur Bread Flour site and products a lot.

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    1. re: Euonymous

      Thanks for the tips!

      I make all my own bread. Mostly because I like the idea of knowing what the heck is in it.

      I am trying to get away from using white flour for that gluten boost.

      I have experimented with rye flour and other whole grain flours but like you said they are a little too heavy.

      I am on the junt for whole grain and rye recipes so thanks again for the site.


      1. re: j2brady

        The King Arthur folks have a new cookbook coming out in late September on whole grain baking - they're taking pre-orders on their website.

        1. re: Allstonian

          I love King Arthur. Someday I am going to make a trip up there. I buy their flours, gluten, dough enhancer, etc. I have a bread machine, but only use it to knead the dough ( I know, I am lazy). Always bake my loaves in the oven.

          1. re: macca

            I do love making fresh bread from scratch sans machiene although for the veryday bread we eat I use it.

            I mush prefer kneading and baking by hand!


            1. re: macca

              We have a road trip to Bradford, VT, the weekend before Thanksgiving, to a church's annual game supper. For the past 6 or 7 years this has included a stop in Norwich (right on the same road - how convenient!) for a massive holiday-baking-supplies blowout. I highly recommend a visit!

      2. j2brady- I wish I preferred kneading. I do prefer forming the loaf and baking in the oven. But I never really get into the kneading unless it is a cold and stormy day in the fall/winter. Then I usually give myself up to all kinds of cooking. But usually, I make sandwich bread ( love the pullman pan from King Arthur) or baguettes, and I resort to the machine for the prep work.

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        1. re: macca

          I hear you!

          Kneading is just a good stress reliever for me!


        2. A good book is The Bread Machine Bible by Beth Hensperger. It has recipes for every type of bread under the sun, pasta doughs, short breads (yeast free), bagels etc.....chock full of information about flour, all the ingredients and what they do and how they all work together. Very comprehensive and informative.

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          1. re: cooknKate

            I second the recommendation for the Bread Machine Bible. Her 100% whole wheat bread is our basic bread and she has quite a few excellent whole grain recipes. I also am very fond of her semolina pizza dough.