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Jul 24, 2006 11:07 PM

High quality delivery in Mission / Noe area? Story on Luna Park offerings?

Am always interested in finding new delivery or convenient takeout in SF, especially delivery that is neither Chinese nor pizza.

Have been a big fan of Bambino's (notably the dinner specials, which are usually excellent; standard dinner menu can be somewhat uneven though). Also enjoy Osha Thai. And Capri on Market will deliver surprisingly tasty veal dishes (though Capri is a fairly simple "down home" prep without any fancy flourishes; never "fantastic" but still consistently good, and a good value).

Just noticed while walking home from lunch at La Cumbre today (2 regular grilled chicken tacos were excellent) that Luna Park
is now offering delivery.

I've never eaten there, largely because I always see it overflowing with crowds of people screaming to make themselves heard (looks that way anyway). Think that's fine for drinks, but less enjoyable for a full meal. But a delivery option opens up new possibilities.
Any feedback?

Also, would love to hear of other favorite delivery / takeout options
(esp. those that do not involve Waiters On Wheels, which I still can't bring myself to use). Ideally am looking for places that serve
the area just east of Dolores Park.


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  1. You might want to check out grubhub. You put in your address and it tells you who delivers to your house.

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    1. re: larochelle

      Thanks. This looks excellent and very helpful. Of course extra mining will be necessary to get reviews, but I've wanted just this kind of survey for some time now. Better than waiting for menus to appear on the front gate!

    2. I think Luna Park is quite good for what it is. Mid-range, always solid if not particularly ambitious food. Atmo on weekend nights is a little pre-bachelorette party, but 8PM on a Tuesday it's quite civilized.

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      1. re: isaac1972

        Yeah, I think "bachelorette party" is a suitable description of what I'd seen while walking by on the weekends (and that kind of description isn't as appealing as it might've been at one time); no recollection of the weekday scene, but am encouraged by your description (even though I imagine this varies plenty night by night). Will consider giving it a shot on a weekday night and/or delivery.

      2. My most frequent delivery place is Angkor Borei. Excellent Cambodian food. Search the boards (hurrah, searching works again!) for more details on what to order.

        I think I read that Lotus Garden is delivering now. Obviously never tried that, though I have eaten in and the food still kicks ass.

        Wish I could recommend a pizza delivery, but all have sorely disappointed. I just drive to Little Star and pick it up instead.


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        1. re: nja

          Yes, Lotus Garden does deliver now; I've had it perhaps twice. The most recent time, imagine my surprise when Kathy (the owner) was there herself when I got the door! She told me that the delivery guy had had trouble finding the place, (numbering is odd on our street and cab drivers and deliverers sometimes have problem finding our house), so she came back out with the food herself! I hadn't even noticed the delay....

          The items we've ordered (soup, the raw beef salad, can't remember the rest unfortunately) are just as good delivered as in the restaurant. Kathy did tell us the next time we were in the restaurant (Lotus Garden is my default place to eat when I don't feel like cooking :-)) that there are a few dishes, specifically the ones normally done tableside, that she discourages folks from ordering for delivery or takeout. But for the rest of the menu, go for it. This is probably the wrong time of the year to mention it, but their soups are the perfect cure for a cold or flu, and thus a great delivery option when one is under the weather.

          1. re: susancinsf

            Have been thoroughly enjoying Lotus Garden for both dine-in and delivery, but had never thought to try the soups. Remembered this "under the weather" recommedation after rolling out of bed this afternoon with a nasty cold and brutally sore throat and opted to give it a try: _fantastic_ !

            Ordered the chicken noodle soup, and was blown away. The broth portion comes in a seperate vessel, and in another container you get a quite beautiful arrangement of rice noodles on a bed of lettuce, with freshly poached chicken,
            bean sprouts, and some basil and mint. You can then "mix your own noodle soup" at home to ensure that none of the solids
            get too soggy. Really hit the spot!

            Was so good I'm tempted to get more for dinner and sample
            some of the other soups.

            FYI: Lotus Garden is now delivering for both dinner and lunch, with no extra fee for lunch delivery.

            Terrific stuff!


            1. re: jflesh

              glad you liked it!

              I've been traveling so much this summer that I have neglected Lotus Garden. time to head back, soon!

          2. re: nja

            Opted to try Angkor Borei on a whim tonight. I'll certainly try it again, though the order was a bit uneven. I had the beef salad (2), the stewed ground pork (33), and the sauteed beef w/ spices & lemongrass (22), plus some white rice on the side.

            Had been excited by the stewed ground pork after reading another posting, but suspect what I got might've been a little different. The vegetables for dipping were very dry and spongey, likely sliced hours -- possibly days -- before; was initially tempted to crack into my fridge to find something fresher to dip before I tried the pork and opted not to overinvest in that portion of the meal. The ground pork had a thick consistency that worked well for dipping, but had a lip-puckering saltiness that killed what could've been a pleasant flavor. Though I do think the entree could've been novel and tastey if it wasn't for those two problems.

            Any idea what the "Cambodian-style" prep is for anchovies? Wondered if this could have been contributing to the saltiness, or if my order was simply off...

            The beef salad had a zesty spiced citrus flavor that I enjoyed, and while I would've prefered slightly rarer beef, the meat was still very tender, so no complaints there. But the greens were a little wet and wilted, leaving me wondering if I'd maybe scored something initially prepped fresh for the lunch hour.

            I did however _really_ enjoy the sauteed beef w/ "spices" and lemon grass. This had a nice balanced flavor and clearly very fresh mushroom, pepper, and onion, with tender pieces of beef generously mixed in (didn't note any peanuts though, despite the description on the menu, not that this was a problem). The steamed rice was also delicious and soft, especially given that this was delivered.

            Suspect I'll try the sauteed beef again, but will likely explore other menu options otherwise.

            Was I simply unlucky with the first two selections or
            are these items to be avoided all 'round?


            1. re: jflesh

              Definitely try the hot/sour soup (or whatever it's called), green curry, and ahmokh. The brown rice is very good, should you want an alternative to the white. I don't think the salads survive the delivery process very well. For something similar, try the spinach leaves appetizer. You get about 10 little containers with ingredients (ginger, lime, onions, dried shrimp, dipping sauce, etc.) and a big pile of spinach leaves, then you make your own little rolls. Everything stays very fresh, plus it's lots of fun.


          3. Pad Thai on Mission
            Dusit Thai on Mission
            Zante on Mission (Indian pizza!)
            Al Hamra on 16th (Indian/Pakistani, Inner Mission)
            Jasmine Tea House on Mission (Chinese)
            Yum Yum House on Valencia (Chinese, Inner Mission)
            Mozzarella di Bufala on West Portal (pizza)

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            1. re: tara

              > Pad Thai on Mission

              Haven't tried it, though walking past there the first time I
              did a double-take because I thought the sign read "Bad Thai" --
              though I have absolutely no reason to believe it isn't good
              (cognition was merely suffering that day).

              > Dusit Thai on Mission

              Will give it a shot.

              > Zante on Mission (Indian pizza!)

              Wow, that sounds surreal. Is this simply like naan topped with tandoori meat or is sauce involved too? And cheese???

              > Al Hamra on 16th (Indian/Pakistani, Inner Mission)

              Been there several times around lunchtime and enjoyed it,
              even though the onsite dining experience is no frills.
              Food is good enough. A cautionary note though: gastrointestinal issues aren't uncommon after Al Hamra.
              I'd imagine these appear maybe a third of the time,
              and corroborated to an even greater degree by past dining
              companions. Could just as easily be from the extra spiciness and not necessarily any indication of health code issues.

              > Jasmine Tea House on Mission (Chinese)

              Yeah, I really enjoyed JTH for delivery several years back, esp. the basil ostrich and kung pao chicken. But about 2 years ago the delivery started to go downhill. Ostrich was super-chewy, and the pieces of chicken were increasingly fatty. Even started finding bones in the chicken. Kind of turned me off
              and I stopped getting Chinese delievery altogether.

              Note now that the former JTH delivery man -- identifiable by his tendency to smoke while at the door -- is now delivering for Crazy Sushi.

              > Yum Yum House on Valencia (Chinese, Inner Mission)

              Walk past this place all the time too but have never tried it.

              Thanks for the suggestions!


              1. re: jflesh

                When I lived in SF I used to get delivery from Pad Thai once a week. Loved their Curry Chicken dishes (all of them), Larb Gai and Tom Sum. It's been a while but they were consistent and good.

            2. I second Yum Yum House. They have been a staple in this house.

              Zante's pizza is actual pizza, but with Indian toppings*, such as tandoori chicken. Many love it. I find it utterly revolting, the place filthy, and the counter help surly. They've had very bad reports about the reliability of their delivery. *Edited to add: They have regular pizza too.

              I think Dusit Thai is better than Pad Thai.

              Lotus Garden is better than Angkor Borei -- perhaps an unfair comparison, though.

              I'm not brave enough to try the retooled Shiso.