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Jul 24, 2006 10:55 PM

cheap cut veal steak, any suggestions, recipes anyone can offer ?

Iam not sure what the cut is, just that it looks like a steak.

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  1. Does anyone know what i can do with this veal. It's getting older by the minute.

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    1. re: mrniceguy911

      I think that if you could describe it better, we might be more help. "Steak" comes in many guises - a filet bears no resemblence to a porterhouse - so your description does not help much. You say that it is "cheap cut veal steak". Where are you and how much per pound did you pay? If you don't know the cut, this might help us with a bit more information. For sure, if it is really a "cheap" cut, you've probably got something (shoulder chop??) that would benefit from braising rather than the hot & fast of a tender cut.

      1. re: Sherri

        For example, what does the label say?
        Does it have a bone in it?
        How thick is it?

    2. I would pound it into a thin cutlet, or several, and make veal piccata (salt and pepper, flour, pan fry briefly in EVOO with capers, then add lemon juice to make a sauce).