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Jul 24, 2006 10:54 PM

Naeng Myun or Cold Ramen or ???

It's hot and I'm tired of having salad as a cool meal. Anyone know of a good place for korean naeng myun or cold ramen or any sort of asian cold noodle?
I searched some old posts and it seems like Santa Clara is the only place for naeng myun. I'm looking for a place between San Mateo thru to SF. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pyung Chang in Oakland has several varieties and good a/c too if you feel like routing yourself over 580 in that direction homeward.

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      had mul naeng myeon last night at pyung chang and i was very happy with my order, but this is the first time i have had them so i have no idea if they are good here by korean standards (though my korean friends reported liking them at pyung chang, if that means anything). i was worried they might be sold out after the hot weather but i guess they had prepared. i noticed at least two others eating the same thing. (8.99)

      for a cold appetizer the steamed pork is also great-- you get steamed cabbage, big slices of fatty pork (belly? not sure), daikon and oysters in spicy korean chili sauce, raw slicedvgarlic, and raw sliced jalepeno with korean miso sauce and a sauce made with baby shrimp on the side . . . to eat you basically make a stack with a little of everything and enjoy! (16.99 i believe)

      a friend had the cold noodles with a thick, white soybean sauce which were excellent (sorry, don't know the name). . . the sauce had a delicate but really delicious flavor-- i can't wait to go back and get a whole bowl for myself. (8.99)

      also, unlike some past experiences, i had very good service, with the waitress repeatedly returning to see if things were ok. just make sure to let her know if you want your noodles cut!

    2. I think I remember seeing a sign for hiyashi chuka or some kind of cold ramen at katana-ya.

      1. naeng myun is special--super garlic spicy soba (buckwheat noodles)

        Most good Japanese restaurants have cold soba with sauce, bonita flakes, scallions.

        1. Ryowa in Mtn View has a summer cold noodle special. Do a search on Ryowa for more info.

          1. Out of range, but Maruichi's cold noodle (Mountain View) has a really nice sauce to go with it, reminds me of ponzu but different. I quite fancy their version of cold noodle over Ryowa's.

            As Ryowa, Maruichi, Do-Henkotsu, and Halu have been offering cold noodle plates, I would assume Himawari in San Mateo should too.

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            1. re: K K

              Funny, I ended up going to Himawari as I just couldn't bear facing 880. I got their hiyashi chuka. Cold al dente noodles with good toppings for slivered veggies and pork. Missed the egg though. The sauce was nice enough. And the noodles, I wish they would give me this noodle in their ramen instead of the thinner ones.

              1. re: vliang

                Ryowa makes the hiyashi chukak with the special handmade noodles.

                P.S. Take 580, not 880, to get to Pyung Chang in Oakland or to Berkeley. Head east instead of going west to the San Mateo bridge.

                1. re: vliang

                  what kind of noodles do they usually use in their ramen? the thin straight ones (kyushu type)?

                  1. re: umetaro

                    I have no idea. They have seemingly started to use their thinner noodle on most of their ramen. I asked about this before and Melanie mentioned hakata style?

                    Here's the link.