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Jul 24, 2006 10:51 PM

impress a foodie client.....hip...(but not conspicuous consumption)

OK. If any of that makes sense, I'm looking for a business dinner at a casual and stylish place with great food and wine for tomorrow night...but too expensive sends a bad signal. I prefer to stay away from the Upper Sides. Oh - and it can't be Italian, since that's Wednesday night.

My top thoughts right now:
- Cookshop
- Craft
- Urena (though haven't been, it's on my list)
- Degustation

Thanks for your help

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  1. Just had a great client dinner at Perry St last week. Hip, casual, not too expensive though higher end, great food, easy to talk. Great package.

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      Sorry to go off topic, but do you know if the Perry St. menu is online anywhere? How hard is it to get a reservation these days?

    2. You might want to consider Parea, the relatively new Greek restaurant on 20th St., b/t Park Av. S. & B'way. It's actually creative Greek. We had dinner there a few weeks ago. The food was delicious, service was first rate, and if you're looking for stylish decor, this place definitely has it. Though I've heard a few complaints about a high noise level, we were there on a rather quiet Monday evening so did not experience any such problem. In fact, when the management became aware of the complaints, they immediately took steps to try to ameliorate the situation by, for example, putting foam rubber pads under the tabletops.

      Their website is still under construction, but there is a menu on menupages. Note, however, that it may not be up-to-date because I have read some reviews on other boards which indicate that there have been changes since we were there.

      1. I love Craft but it you said you didn't want v. expensive and it can add up quickly. You might consider Savoy or Nougatine about which I posted yesterday. Telepan would also work well.

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          1. I would say WD-50 fits that bill. Or Public - fantastic wine, very stylish, though not my favorite food. I'd also check if Tasting Room is serving yet (?)

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              The kitche at the new Tasting Room in Nolita isn't open yet, only the bar. But they're still doing dinner at the old location in the East Village. HAving dinner there Friday. Always excellent and great for a business dinner.

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                wd50 would be PERFECT. except that i've been there twice in the last three weeks....