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Jul 24, 2006 10:30 PM

Asian Legend Rave

i was in toronto this weekend and my sister took me to asian legend on dundas street. all the northern chinese foods that i love! loved the scallion pancake wrapped with beef...great soup dumplings. surprisingly trendy decor in chinatown, clean atmosphere. if i had stayed longer i woul dhave made her take me again

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  1. Stumbled upon this restaurant while driving through Richmond Hill. Loved the food at first bite. Been back to Asian Legends few times more with different group of friends,they all liked the food. There's another location in Markham. Among the favorite are the onion pancakes, the beef rolls that comes wrapped in foil, and the dark soya sauce beef noodles.

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      Where in Richmond Hill is this? Sounds great!

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        It's around Hwy#7 West Beaver Creek area, there's a mall called Commerce Gate or some such, west of leslie. It's a busy strip mall with several restuarants. Here's the address and phone number, hope it helps
        505 Highway 7 East,
        Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1
        Tel. : 905-763-8211

    2. one of my faves, when I lived at Yonge and Shepp, I was there almost every weekend. Other favorites besides the dishes above: vegetarian dumplings, stir fried rice cakes, cold jelly fish salad, cold chicken plate, stir fried pea shoots, ma po tofu, rice rolls with shredded meat, shredded meat and egg sandwich and red bean pancakes.
      The only things I didn't like on the menu (and I've worked my way through a good 2/3 of it) were: Chiuchow congee, wontons in chili peanut sauce (fiery!!!), salty soy milk (an acquired taste) and seafood noodles (mediocre seafood, great noodles).
      Yum... I'm getting hungry...

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        Think of the "salty soy milk" as a kind of sweet and sour soup, and you may have a new perspective!

      2. I think it's the curdled appearance more than anything that puts me off, but maybe I'll try it again with that in mind...maybe : )

        1. I agree, this is one of my favourite "standby" restaurants! When I was living in Richmond Hill I used to go to the Hwy 7 location a lot, and now that I'm downtown, I visit the Dundas location at least once a month. My usual dishes include the green onion w/ beef pancakes, and the soup noodles with braised beef. I also like their soup noodles with pickled greens -- I believe they use fresh mustard green vs. preserved. Recently I branched out and also had their crispy chicken -- a dish I don't normally like because it tends to be dry, but it was delicious! The wuxi spare ribs and the moo shu pork are also yummy.

          1. I had a lacklustre experience at Asian Legend on Dundas last week. Ho-hum fried rice, average smoked duck, and really disappointing snow pea shoots. Overpriced and underwhelming. I must have ordered the wrong dishes!