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Jul 24, 2006 09:38 PM

Toasted Pecan Madagascar Vanilla shake at Lucky Devil's

anyone tried this? is it really like the midwestern oddity frozen custard? thanks. it sounds good.

if it is in fact like custard, and not just your classic shake.

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  1. The custard is similar to the stuff you get in the Midwest. I had the shake several weeks ago and it was ridiculously thick. My spoon was barely making a dent, let alone a straw. I had to send it back because my ass wanted a milk shake, not a chunky blizzard.

    The guy behind the counter blended it with a little more milk and lo and behold, it became as SHAKE! I then drank the whole thing, promtly rushed home and shit out a sundae. Totally worth it though....

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    1. re: jeffro

      not exactly how'd I describe it ;) .... but yea, shakes there are thick. Thankfully I usually work my shakes slowly (esp. if eating food) so it eventually became just right (whereas most would turn into a puddle blobs.)

      1. re: jeffro

        Did you have anything else there Jeffro? Im quite curious about the Kobe beef burger. My office is walking distance . . . . so I dont think I will have to rush home! ;-) SIGH!

        1. re: blackbookali

          I thought the bacon/gorgonzola/kobe burger was quite good, as were the fries, but the reason I'll go back is the beer. At least you wouldn't need a DD on the way back to the office.

      2. had the burger. Really not that fantastic. Father's Office, Hungry Cat and 25 Degrees surpass lucky devil's burger. Service is friendly but very disorganized.

        Granted, I did eat the whole thing.

        1. The shake is like heaven in a milkshake jar. It's definitely custard, and it's amazing. It is really thick - I don't know that they put milk it at all, normally.

          The burgers are good, but the Mac & Cheese is out of this world and only $7.