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Jul 24, 2006 09:37 PM

Tuscany - Greve/Lucolena, Sicily - Taormina

Hi All,

I am travelling for my honeymoon to Italy and will be staying for 1 week at a place in Lucolena (near Greve in Chianti). Are there any suggestions for can't miss places near by? I've seen some posts about Florence, Siena and various other areas but not too much about this specific area. Of course we can drive to a real destination place but would prefer to have some of our meals close by.

After the week in Tuscany we are taking the train to Taormina for 3 nights. I have reservations at Casa Grugno which I've seen suggested all over, but is there anything else authentic and down to earth in this very touristy town?

Thanks in advance, and if you ever have any questions about NYC and specifically Astoria let me know!

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  1. There is a salumeria on the north side of the square in Greve that specializes in wild boar hams, salami, etc. Sooo good! Also a little bakery on the east side of the square where they sell a sweet bread that looks like foccacio but is covered with crushed grapes and seeds. I can't remember the name, but it was wonderful. Have a great time!

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          1. Castelmola, the town above Taormina, is a hike but well worth it for the eats and relative peace. Taormina is beautiful but a little dear and over crowded. La Griglia is good on the Corso. Across from the public gardens are a few good eateries that are a little less jammed sometimes.
            Delfino da Angelo in Mazzara (below town) is supposedly good.
            'A Zammara Via F. lli Bandiera 15
            Il Ciclope Corso Umberto