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Jul 24, 2006 09:35 PM

Best Cocktail(s) at Chez Henri

I'm being taken there (for the first time) for drinks by an old professor. Any of the cocktails especially good? I'm pretty open in terms of my preferences, but I do have a thing for gin. Do I absolutely need to order a mojito there? I don't mind mojitos, but only want one if there's is especially fantastic. Can a man drink a Pomegranate 75?

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  1. If you like bourbons, ask them to make you a Green Point -

    It's a variation on a Manhattan that includes chartreuse.

    I liked it quite a bit.

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      And they do make a FINE Manhattan, BTW. For something sweet, I quite like that 'periodista' cocktail they have. Go down dangerously easy, tho'.

    2. I think you should be able to drink anything you want. Gin and cava is not a mixture for the meek. There are plenty of pink cocktails that steamroll the cliche of the Cosmopolitan: see if a Jack Rose as made at Eastern Standard doesn't blow your hat back.

      Chez Henri does indeed do a great Mojito, as the first place in town (years ago) to offer them and make them properly. I also like their Periodista, a rum cocktail from Cuba made with apricot brandy. They do a spanking version of the Daiquiri -- no blenders, thank you -- of which Papa Hemingway might have approved.

      Their Caipirinha, based on cacha├ža, a rather rough, cane juice based Brazilian spirit, is also pretty authentic. I remember when the bartenders at Bomboa used to apply the same kind of muddling muscle to theirs as Chez Henri, but alas, no more.

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          The mentions of the Green Point and Periodista (I had excellent versions at Eastern Standard also) reminded me of this interesting article re cocktail making and the "Jack Rose Society" since Scott Holliday from Chez Henri (along with Jackson at ES and John at No. 9) is a "member". As you said, it appears the only problem you may have is what to choose!


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            Not on topic, but I just had a wonderful "flight" of coctails at No. 9.