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Jul 24, 2006 09:24 PM

Fun things to do with pastis?

I bought a bottle of Ricard and am happy enough to drink it with ice and water, but would love any suggestions for ways to mix it up. Also, can it be used for cooking?

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  1. It can definitely be used in cooking. I like to rub some inside of and around a whole fish, along with adding fennel and other herbs, before grilling.

    1. I've made chicken thighs braised in Pernod; Ricard would be a perfectly acceptable substitute. Dust chicken thighs with seasoned flour, brown in butter, remove chicken from pan. Sauté minced shallot in the drippings, then deglaze with a little chicken stock, add a few tablespoons of pastis, return thighs to pan, cover and simmer until cooked through. add water or more chicken stock if liquid becomes too thick.