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Very Special Birthday for 76 yr old foodie

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76th birthday for a very special person ... There will be 8 of us and Babbo can't accomodate 8, Blue Hill can't accomodate 8 and has an over the top minimum for their private room, Cru can't accomodate 8, (seems to be a pattern).

Need to book ASAP as it's a Friday night in August.

Looking for any suggestions

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  1. I used to have to a dinner club for eight, so I understand your problem. Bolo, Aquagrill, Mercer Kitchen and Veritas were all accommodating and all have worthy meals. Bolo and Veritas were the only round tables (which I prefer). You might also try Bouley and Danube. I think Bolo is your best bet given the timing.

    1. Although I have enjoyed the food at Bolo, I wouldn't choose it to celebrate a special occasion. And, in my estimation, it doesn't come close to matching Veritas's cuisine quality, extraordinary wine list, professional service, and overall ambiance. Since it is summertime, and many people are away, you might have good luck scoring a table at Veritas.


      Eleven Madison Park is definitely a place to celebrate an occasion. Chef Humm's French-inspired cuisine is exquisite, the wine list is excellent, service is exceptional, and the space is gorgeous. It is, of course, way larger than Veritas, so I'd really be surprised if you can't get a reservation in August. In fact, someone just reported on this board about getting a last minute table the same evening.


      Another excellent option is Cafe Boulud. Superb cuisine, fine wine list, polished service, and attractive surroundings. Much less ostentatious than Daniel, but still definitely in the "Let's celebrate" category.


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        I am the last minute Eleven Madison Park diner (see my posting from yesterday). Summer in the city helps to open reservation books so give it a try. It was exquisite. There were a few groups of 6-8 having dinner this past Friday night. There are lots of ways they can group tables for a party of 8. Good luck

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          I went here for my anniversary dinner this year and had an incredible meal, impeccable service, and great wine. Highly reccomended!

        2. Craft has tables for 8 and because of it's family-style dining, it's an excellent place for a large crowd. You can end up tasting 15 or 20 different dishes in one night.

            1. Interesting that you should say that ... I've been thinking it might be just the right place.
              Do you have any food suggestions if we decide to go there?

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                I went to L'Impero once, prepared to be astounded, but the incredibly unprofessional service was the most noticeable feature of the evening. I think I posted about it at the time, but remember especially our waiter introducing himself by name, interspersing a long litany about the menu with 'like' at a higher rate of frequency than any teenager I have ever heard, being unable to answer basic questions about said menu and referring repeatedly to our table of two men and one woman as 'you guys', as in 'are you guys, like, ok?'. Orders were lost, confused and incredibly slow. The food might have been fine but it wasn't memorable enough to compete with the service.

                With respect to other suggestions above: I have taken a very special person who is actually a good bit senior to your own to Cafe Boulud, with great success. Country upstairs may be ok, but downstairs can get loud and I think older people tend to tolerate that even less well than I do, which is very badly. Like others, I am a fan of Veritas & Eleven Madison. And Craft.

              2. OK ... here's the deal... it's between Craft, Cafe Boulud and Country ... Any votes?

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                  Like dbird, we took a special woman friend who is older than your celebrant for a birthday dinner at Cafe Boulud, and she absolutely loved it! Another plus in this particular case is that CB tends to get a somewhat older clientele though certainly far from exclusively. Most of the men tend to wear jackets (not required), and the women dress up a bit (but not to the proverbial nines). So, even though the atmosphere is quite relaxed, it's also a bit festive. All this is by way of bolstering my original recommendation. :-)

                  Btw, I'm surprised to read about dbird's experience at L'Impero. We had dinner there recently, and service was perfect.