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Jul 24, 2006 09:16 PM

Aroma Cafe on Overland and Pico

Just went there the other day. Sort of like the Bosnian answer to a heavy on the beef Argentinian churascaria restaurant. Lots of expatriates here. And I'm pretty sure this may be the singular and only Bosnian restaurant in all of the Los Angeles County area. But it's great to have it around and nearby.

We ordered up the Cevapi (kebabs), which are more like little sausages.

Along with the Psleivajica ( I know i completely butchered the spelling????) , which is a pretty big beef patt of ground beef mixed with onions and spices on a large bun reminscent of ciabatta bread.

Just meat and bread, no condiments, no veggies unless you count the mass of chopped up onions on the side. But for what it's worth this is one of those hamburgers were you can actually consume the meat by itself without any added attractions.

Oh, and great turkish coffe, I think they called it ""Turksha cafe" and cherry strudel for dessert.

It even came with a little sidecar so you can get another shot of the coffee or two, not that you necessarily need it.

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  1. They sometimes offer a very creamy (like sour cream) "farmer's cheese" (that is how the waitress described it anyway) on the side with the Pljeskavica. The "pitas" (as in spanakopita or tiropita rather than the Middle Eastern bread) are also quite good and filling.

    1. I like their cheese burek (nice pastry and tangy filling) and cevapi (simple, oniony grilled beef). Been meaning to try the coffee but usually go too late in the day. Will try earlier.

      1. I love the pljeskavica, which I think is one of the best hamburgers (or maybe more accurately called a "burger-like sandwich") around. I usually order a side of cabbage salad to add a little green to the meal--this is a very good, simple, vinegary cole slaw, even better if you get them to out a hot grilled green pepper on top.

        Also well worth ordering: the kajmak and prosciutto sandwich (kajmak is sour-creamy stuff, probably what New Trial is referring to above); tomato soup; the lukmira onion dip so crammed full of green onions that it's more crunchy than liquid; the cabbage stuffed with sarma, and the bureks. I keep meaning to check out more things but get distracted by these favorites.

        A great addition to the neighborhood, without doubt.

        1. The best part about this place besides the tasty grub is the patio where locals (usually all men) hang out just like a cafe on the waterfront in Dubrovnic - looking at the view, smoking and snacking on plates of little somethings. You can drive by any time in the afternoon and there are always a group of two or more chatting and looking - its another world feeling.

          1. exactly, just people shooting the breeze, over some turksha cafe.