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Help! we've moved and can't find good food!

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I am hoping someone out there can tell us where the good restaurants are in the Knoxville area. I am from the northwest where good food is easy to find. Here it is all buffet type garbage. If someone would just come here and open a good restaurant they would make a fortune! The restaurants are full here all of the time, but it really isn't worth eating or the money. The waitstaff make 2.13 an hour here so if someone came with money the labor is cheap!

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  1. There was a thread started earlier this month regarding restaurants in Knoxville.


    1. I think Knoxville, like any city, can have areas where there are a lot of chain restaurants and of course, "hello" , you're in the South now, you should expect to see BBQ and buffets. Her initial post was a bit vehement but let's help her out.

      1. I didn't mean to insult anyone I was just stating a fact! Yes, the BBQ is great here, but you can't eat that all of the time now can you. Yes, I have asked the locals, checked the paper, and still haven't found any OUTSTANDING places to eat. I have found one good Mexican place called EL SAZON in Alcoa. I thought this website is for people who like to EAT GOOD FOOD! I am so sorry that the Golden Corral and Shoney's just doesn't do it for me. Thank you Sister Sue for the input, I will try to find that thread. Again, I did not mean to insult, I guess I do have to remember where I am.