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Jul 24, 2006 08:54 PM

Heading to Phoenix!!!

Family is heading to Phoenix for 8 days. 2 adults 2 kids 7 & 13 any must try restaurants?

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  1. Try BobbyQ's on Black Canyon Fwy (west side service road around Dunlap). Huge menu, good service, good bbq.

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    1. I'm not a parent, and can't vouch for kid friendly. But I can guarantee the adults will truly enjoy Los Sombreros and Richardson's for Southwestern food. Not necessarily spicy hot, if that is better for the kids. They do allow smoking at Richardson's, but ventilation is excellent.
      Also, take the kids for lunch at any of the Ranch Market's. There are four. One entire food aisle is devoted to delicous and cheap Mexican food, and wood benches are provided for dining. They will think you've driven to Mexico for lunch. Especially on a Saturday or Sunday, this is an unmissable treat.
      Arriba's is a good local chain for standard gringo mexican fare - better than most, but do be careful as it can get spicy.
      I hear they have free meals for kids on Sunday's.

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        Thanks for the info. My family loves Mexican!!!

      2. can you give us more info? you do have a rental car right? where in town are you staying, what kind of food your kids like (if they're picky or open to anything...) what you and your wife are looking for. there are prob. some very touristy places we could recommend, like the Rustler's Rooste at the Pointe Hilton South Mountain is extremely kid-friendly with a slide, band, sw bbq type food...

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          we are staying in the Hilton Squal Peak. We will have a rental car. We like all kinds of food. Just looking for great food.

          1. re: jkbblack

            That's a great location.

            I'll give you a list of places reviewed on Chowhound within 3 miles. I haven't been to many of them, and I don't necessarily know what is good for kids. Hopefully, this will give you some hints, and you can research them before going.

            I would agree with other posters that Richardson's is not a good place for a seven-year-old. However, maybe you can get take-out?

            Spinato's Pizza 1219 E Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ
            Sierra Bonita Grill 6933 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ
            El Bravo 8338 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ
            Mediterranean House 1588 E Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ
            Texaz Grill 6003 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ
            Phoenix City Grill 5816 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ
            L'Amore 3159 E Lincoln Dr, Phoenix, AZ
            Fish Market Restaurant 1720 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ
            Duck & Decanter 1651 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ
            Nypd Pizza 1949 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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              I really appreciate the info Johnseberg!!!

        2. My brother brought my twin nieces (12) to visit this spring and I took them to a number of places, but they ultimately loved Greasewood Flats. The place is a paradox in so many ways, yet it all melds so well. Very unique experience to AZ.

          1. Brother and I spent some downtime yesterday (while waiting for flights out of Sky Harbor airport) cruising Van Bueren St from east to west.

            Saw the Food City # 94 and pulled in for a look-see. In a huge hispanic shopping center, this large grocery store was a revelation for me. I live in a county with a sizeable hispanic population, but all the stores are mom&pop sized. This store was amazing! Middle of store is typical all-american grocery with national brands. Outer aisles were: full-on butcher counter with all types custom meats and bulk Mexican cheeses, a full Mexican bakery (fresh in-house tortillas) Mexican pastries, individual tres leche servings, etc., a deli counter with packaged salads, tortas, bulk desserts (rice pudding, fresh strawberries in crema, etc) and a deli lunch counter with all the typical hot meats including lengua, carnitas and birria. You can also buy guac, crema and three types of salsa by the pint. Brother says by 9 p.m. both the bakery and the deli are sold out.

            This place would be a good cross-cultural chow education for the kids, and they could pick out picnic items to take to a park or eat at the picnic benches provided inside. All the store staff is friendly and bilingual and though we were the only gringos in the store, we felt right at home. The air conditioning was a real plus as well!

            There are also some mighty good-looking family Mexican restaurants lining 'funky' Van Bueren, which is lined with every type of hispanic business from custom wheel shops to sign shops and laundries. Though we felt perfectly safe and not uncomfortable, I'd rec a daytime trip in this neighborhood as Brother says there is some nightime 'working girl action'.

            The chowish possibilities make this neighborhood worth a return trip or three for me! I bought some flan, fresh corn tortillas and hot sauce for the plane trip home. Flan from 'The Flan Lady' of Mesa was delicious! I wished I had an extra suitcase to check! Darn! Shoulda got one at the variety store next to the market.

            We also checked out a Basha's market (old-time and family owned, parent company of Food City))and it is a nice grocery store with great well-priced fruits and veggies, a good in-house bakery, and nice meats. Sometimes (weekends?) they have a bbq going out front as well as "the chili man" a big, rotating perforated drum with huge gas burners on the side roasting cases of whole New Mexico chilis at a go. Brother rec's their Banana Split ice cream. They also have a chain of gourmet groceries called AJ's.

            check here for info on Basha's locations:


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            1. re: toodie jane

              While Food City has it's place, the gold standard in Phoenix for Hispanic grocery stores with in-store meals remains Ranch Market. Next time you buzz through town, try Ranch Market - you'll find it far better than Food City.

              Can you tell us more about the Flan Lady, please?

              1. re: jkgourmet

                We only had about an hour to kill and Brother was showing me the stomping grounds he's in when he goes to Phoenix for the races. As it was, we spent more time than we had expected to!
                Hah! We both agreed that grocery shopping in an unfamiliar market is great entertainment!!

                Are there any Ranch Markets near the airport (within 10-15 min drive?) I'd love to see one. As it was, I thought #94 was clean, well-lit, had terrific selection in some areas, and was fun to go through. Can't wait to see a Ranch Market. Are they more upscale?

                (I liked the way the young lady at the deli counter used cooking spray on the tortillas she was grilling, not loads of what I call 'griddle lube' which make tortillas greasy and limp.)

                The Flan Lady brand packaged flan was at the deli counter in a standard 1/2 pint plastic tub. Nice 'perky' graphics, black on clear plastic, and a good color on the flan. Noticed no artificial ingredients, and it listed sugar, milk and eggs, so I got one for snacking on at the airport. The label showed place of manufacture as Mesa, I believe.

                The custard quality was very good for a prepackaged flan; the texture, silky and creamy. Burnt sugar syrup not quite as 'burnt' tasting as I like, but quite serviceable. Better than I've had in many restaurants. Tender, not overcooked custard. Really hit the spot!

                I think I'll chose to go through Phoenix next time in the winter, though! LOL

                1. re: toodie jane

                  The nearest Ranch Market to the airport would be:
                  1602 E Roosevelt St Phoenix, AZ
                  Six minutes, according to Yahoo Driving Directions, but, that's a bit optimistic, IMO.

                  Best fish taco I've had for $2. If you take price out of the equation, it's the 2nd best. The best was at Barrio Cafe, and it was 3 for $12 (not that much better).

                  It just blows Food City out of the water.

                  1. re: johnseberg

                    Could not agree about Ranch Market more! I did the drive yesterday because, in another post, I'd recomended this to dimsumgirl as a dining option when she had 2-3 hours between flights at Sky Harbor. Some posters thought it unrealistic and I still stick to my guns that it is very do-able. My time was 7.5 minutes curb-to-curb BUT since I live here, I know the directions. (Figured her cabbie would too). RANCH MARKET is a party waiting to happen any time I've ever been there.

                    Thanks for the rec re: their fish tacos, I'll order those next visit. We loaded up on crema, chorizo, tortillas and a lot of the gorgeous produce -- great meal last night.