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Jul 24, 2006 08:49 PM

ISO Hip WeHo Restaurant (with good food)

I am looking for a hip restaurant in West Hollywood (or Hollywood) that has great food and would be fun for a group of 6-8 people.

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  1. Check out Cha Cha Cha (on Santa Monica near Crescent Heights I think?) Really good food (lots of tropical tapas), good sangria, fun place overall.

    1. Bossa Nova Brazilian (Robertson and Sta. Monica) right across from The Abbey. Great people watching too.

      1. The Republic restaurant has a really neat ambience (according to chowhounders though, the food's hit'n miss so I guess I was lucky, all my food tasted great.)

        A less hip option but an ole' reliable for me is Basix Cafe on Santa Monica, or the O Bar (three blocks between these two.


        1. What about Koi?
          Its fantastic. Can be a little bit pricey but I have never had a bad meal here. Everyone I have taken has been extremely impressed. Its a great scene, celeb watching, and the food is great.
          Also, Ago Restaurant. Co-owned by Robert Dinero
          Again, I bring people here all the time and have never gone wrong. Make sure you sit in the main dining room and get a table away from the bar (or people will be bumping into you during dinner)

          1. Not tried the food yet, partially because Empress has been open for only one week. It is located next to the Body Shop on Sunset, has a 2-floor configuration with a design by Thomas Schooz(think O-Bar or Wilshire) with the second floor having a view of the entire city while overlooking the outside stairway with firepit, and is a compilation of many varieties of Asian smaller and larger plates.
            Cool feel, tres new and so will not be a mob scene, and have heard the food is good, yet as I said, I have not actually dined there. 323.656.8377 - 8264 Sunset Blvd.